Vassalboro Cemeteries

In the future this page will be updated with information about cemeteries in Vassalboro, rules for the cemeteries and a map of where the cemeteries are. Also should be purchase software to maintain records of cemetery infornmation in Vassalboro that will be added here as well.

Some inforation about graves in Vassalboro

There is a website called it can be updated by anyone. Here is a link to infomration that individuals have posted to the website about graves in vassalboro:

Below is a map of all the cemeteries in Vassalboro:


Click here to see a larger version of the above map.

Rules for Vassalboro Cemeteries - adopted/revised in 2018

Click here to see the rules for Vassalboro cemeteries (pdf document)

Some pictures of work your cemetery Committee has done

The pictures below show volunteers for Vassalboro and other towns, as well as a paid expert on monument repair doing work on stones in the Cross Hill Cemetery in Vassalboro: