Select Board
Minutes of the Meeting
September 26, 2007

Don Breton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. In attendance were the following: Rob Browne, George Gould, Ed Morin, Albert & Cindy Ferland, Gary Clark, Cindy Lajoie, Mary Grow and Mike Vashon.

The September 11th minutes were reviewed and approved, Rob/Don 2-0

The Warrant was reviewed and approved, Rob/Don 2-0.

The Road Report was reviewed and approved, Rob/Don 2-0.

The Status Report was reviewed and the town manager indicated the Oakland recycling facility is 70 to 80% complete, and currently scheduled for an October opening. The D.O.C. will be replacing the planks at the boat launch soon. Town manager is in the process of locating railings for China Lake outlet dam and will contact Roland Tilton regarding the removal of some of the fish screens. A revised draft of the procurement policy will be distributed at the October 10th meeting.

Old Business: The town manager had distributed copies of the survey that was sent to 28 residents of the Bog Road. The results reflected 22 out of 28 responding or 79%. Only three were in favor of increasing the speed limit to 40 or 45. The vast majorities were opposed and reflected that in their comments. There were five residents of the Bog Road that attended the meeting that spoke in opposition to the increase, including one former law enforcement officer. The comments included the Day Care and the number of children that now reside on this road. There were also some “blind” spots for some of the driveways and increasing the speed limit could further endanger the residents and the drivers. One of the residents asks who had initiated the request for the increase. Response was there were numerous users of the road that thought 35 was too low a speed limit. The residents appreciated the survey requesting their input. After some discussion Rob Browne made a motion to leave the speed limit at 35 mph, seconded by Don Breton, 2-0.

New Business: None

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the selectmen’s meeting at 7:43 p.m. Rob/Don, 2-0.

Attest: ______________________________ Michael A. Vashon