Vassalboro Select Board
Minutes of the Meeting
September 17, 2020

Members Present: John Melrose and Barbara Redmond

Members Absent: Rob Browne

Others Present: Mary Sabins, Mary Grow, Jean Poulin, Auditor Ron Smith, Al Pfeiffer, Mike Poulin, and Gene Field.

1. Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Chairman Melrose at 6:30 p.m.

2. Minutes – On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by J. Melrose, the Board voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the 9/3/20 meeting as written.

3. Al Hodsdon was unable to attend and has rescheduled for the October 1st meeting.

4. Auditor Ron Smith attended the meeting at the request of the Select Board to answer their questions about the FY19 audit. A question and answer session ensued. Mr. Smith stated that the Town is financially solid, with surplus balance increasing $100K over the previous fiscal year. The school’s food service debt was discussed; Superintendent Al Pfeiffer stated that the school has made a recent dent in the lunch balance deficit. There is also a new hope that the debt will be reduced further with the recent announcement from the State that all students can receive free breakfast and lunch meals through 12/31/20. These meals that are served are reimbursable through the government.

5. Superintendent Al Pfeiffer dropped in and gave the Board an update on the work and preparations he and school staff completed to reopen school in light of the COVID pandemic and the necessary safety precautions. Mr. Pfeiffer explained that the school had also received COVID relief funds which had allowed the school to purchase a school bus outright.

6. PW Director Gene Field came to the meeting to share information and to receive some guidance from the Board. Gene explained that his team experienced a mishap with the excavator on the Cross Hill Road today. While preparing for the culvert installation project next week, the excavator got severely stuck in deep mud at the project site. A second excavator was used to dislodge the stuck excavator. Gene also informed the Board that he has been told that truckloads of culvert parts for the project are to begin being delivered on Monday, Sept. 21st. Chairman Melrose stated that he is proud of Gene and his team for taking on this large culvert replacement project on the Cross Hill Road (near Quaker Lane) as he knows it is out of their comfort zone. Gene also discussed road striping that is to be done this fall and he explained the policy that is in place. After discussion, the Board supported Gene’s recommendation to centerline stripe the recently paved Dunham Road. Striping of the Town Office and Historical Society parking lots was also discussed. All agreed the Town Office parking lot should not be striped until it is paved. Melrose stated he wants to end the parking chaos at the Historical Society and believes that parking lot should be striped now using the design he created and provided to Gene earlier. Striping for the China Lake boat launch parking area was also discussed. No one seemed to know the condition of the striping at that site, which is nearby the Historical Society parking lot. J. Melrose moved to stripe the Historical Society parking lot according to the plan presented and to include boat landing striping as needed. The motion was seconded by B. Redmond and voted unanimously by the Board. Gene shared with the Board that this year’s paving costs have been reduced slightly by $6K due to the implementation of the escalation clause that is written in the paving contract.

7. Public Hearing for GA Appendices – Chairman Melrose declared the public hearing open at 7:21 p.m. With no public comment given, the hearing was immediately closed. On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by J. Melrose, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the revised General Assistance Appendices A-H as presented.

8. Constitution Week – Sabins explained that the DAR of Winslow requests each year for the Selectmen to adopt this Proclamation to declare the week of September 17th through September 23rd as Constitution Week. On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by J. Melrose, the Board voted unanimously to adopt and sign the Proclamation.

9. Reports – On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by J. Melrose, the Board voted unanimously to accept the Road Report as presented. The Financial report is not yet complete and will be reviewed at the next meeting.

10. Treasurer’s Warrants – On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by J. Melrose, the Board voted unanimously to approve warrants #17 and #18.

11. Other1. Sabins explained that in today’s mail she had received the annual request for nominees to serve as a member of the Municipal Review Committee’s Board of Directors. The paperwork we received did not indicate which Director’s term is up for renewal as it usually does. The Board asked Sabins to get more information and report back at the next meeting. 2. Chairman Melrose stated he would like to put the Gray Road culvert work out to bid in November with bids due in December. The 30-day provision for road closure on the Gray Road project was briefly discussed. The need for an inspector on the Gray Road culvert project when it is constructed was also discussed. 3. Jean Poulin inquired if the Town Office was going to be closed on Election Day in November. If both the Town Clerk and her new deputy attend the election presently planned to be held at the school, Jean would be left alone to tend the counter at the town office. Since we are not certain at this point if the new deputy clerk will be assisting with the election, Jean’s question could not be answered at this time.

12. Adjourn – There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Select Board on 10/1/20 with the following amendments: Selectman Barbara Redmond noted that in Section 2 of the minutes, the first initial of her first name should be corrected to the letter “B”.