Vassalboro Select Board
Minutes of the Meeting
November 19, 2008

Members Present: Libby Mitchell, Lauchlin Titus, and Rob Browne

Others Present: Mary Sabins, Dave Parsons, George Gould, Dick Phippen, Cathy St. Pierre, Mary Grow, Eugene Field, Jim Schad, and Mary Ellen Johnston.

  1. Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mitchell at 7:00 p.m.

  2. Minutes – On a motion made by L. Titus, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the 11/5/08 meeting as written.

  3. Treasurer’s Warrants – On a motion made by L. Titus, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to approve warrants #29, #30 and #31.

  4. Reports – a. Status Report – Sabins gave an update for each item on the status report. The Board gave approval to hear a presentation by ecomaine representatives at the next meeting concerning an opportunity to join their single-sort recycling program. b. Road Report – Chairman Mitchell complimented Gene Field on his new word processing format for the bi-monthly road report. Gene briefly updated the board on the work that his team has accomplished recently. On a motion made by L. Titus, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to accept the road report as presented. c. Financial Report – The Board reviewed comments made by the manager in the meeting notes. Chairman Mitchell noted that the State has received signed petitions in an effort to change the excise tax collection procedures, with enough signatures to force action either by the Legislature or by a state-wide referendum. After discussion and on a motion made by L. Titus, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to accept the report as presented.

  5. New Business – a. Truck bid – Sabins distributed a list of the five bids received ranging from the low bid of $2,750 to the high bid of $25,001. Public Works Director Gene Field stated that he had called his salesman from O’Connor’s to see if the high bid was a fair price for our truck and the salesman confirmed that it was a fair price in today’s economy. After discussion of the bids and the funding for the truck purchase, and on a motion made by L. Titus, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to accept the bid of $25,001 from Nitram Excavation of Benton, ME. b. Conservation Commission Chairman Mary Ellen Johnston gave a presentation to the Board concerning a summary of the work that the Conservation Commission has accomplished. Chairman Mitchell complimented Chairman Johnston on the remarkable progress that the volunteer Commission members had accomplished in a short time. c. Critical habitat for Atlantic Salmon – Selectman Titus explained to the Board that he had learned of a proposed expansion of the critical habitat designation for Atlantic Salmon, deemed to be an endangered species, that may effect dam and landowners in Vassalboro, and possibly the Town. After discussion, Board members supported L. Titus’ request to have the Town send a letter to the Federal Government agency considering these changes in the habitat designation, requesting a delay in the decision until more knowledge is disseminated to the affected parties. Lauchlin offered to draft the letter to be sent. d. Town Office holiday hours – After discussion, and on a motion made by R. Browne, seconded by L. Titus, the Board voted unanimously to close the Town Office at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 24th and close the office for the day on Friday, December 26th with the understanding that the employees will use their comp time for the four hours on Friday. The Selectmen will not meet on December 31st. The January meetings are scheduled for Jan 7th and 21st. e. Municipal Review Committee election – After discussion, the Board voted unanimously to cast their ballot for Robert Peabody, Jr. to serve on the Municipal Review Committee Board of Directors. f. Webber Pond Boat Ramp – Sabins gave the Board an update that plans are being made by the Dept. of Conservation to renovate and improve the boat launch and parking area at Webber Pond. Discussion was given as to whether the funding for the project is still available since the recent announcement was made by the Governor that severe budget cuts need to be made in all State departments to balance the State budget. g. Sign ordinance – L. Titus explained that he had received a few phone calls *from the same person requesting that the Town consider adopting a sign ordinance. Chairman Mitchell asked Sabins to collect sign ordinances that are in use in other towns for future discussion and to add this subject to the status report.

  6. Other – 1. L. Titus gave an update on the development of the AOS school consolidation project. A referendum election will be held in all three towns on January 13th. The School’s attorney has prepared an Order calling for the election. On a motion made by L. Titus, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to approve the following Order:

Voted: That it be and is hereby Ordered that the Article set forth below be placed on the ballot of a Special Town Meeting of the Town of Vassalboro to be held on January 13, 2009; and that an attested copy of this Order be placed on file with the Town Clerk of the Town of Vassalboro:

Article 2: Do you favor approving the school administrative unit reorganization plan prepared by the Vassalboro, Waterville, and Winslow Reorganization Planning Committee to reorganize Vassalboro School Department, Waterville School Department and Winslow School Department into an Alternative Organizational Structure (AOS), with an effective date of July 1, 2009?

Other (continued) – 2. L. Titus mentioned an article that he had read in the October Townsmen about a pilot project for citizen involvement. 3. L. Mitchell asked Sabins to call Mike Roy to inquire about options for dispatching the Fire Dept.

7. Adjourn – There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.


*These minutes were read and accepted by the Select Board on 12/3/08 with the following amendments: In section 5g, L. Titus requested that the minutes be amended to reflect that he had received a few phone calls from the same person. He requested that the words “from the same person” be added to the record. A motion was then made to accept the minutes as amended, which was seconded by R. Browne, and voted unanimously by the Board.