Select Board

Minutes of the Meeting

May 21, 2008

Don Breton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. In attendance were the following: Libby Mitchell, Rob Browne, George Gould, Richard Phippen, Mary Sabins, Lauchlin Titus, Leo Barnett, Jim Schad, Michael Pease and daughter Kaitlyn Pease, Mary Grow and Mike Vashon.

The May 7 minutes were reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Warrants were reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Road Report was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Status Report was reviewed and the town manager indicated no changes for this meeting.

Update on both Francis and Olin for the next meeting.

Approved and signed the Operations Management Plan, motion by Libby/Rob, vote 3-0.

Old Business:

New Business: A discussion ensued on the possibility of Kennebec Water District maintaining the China Lake outlet dam. The town manager and Libby Mitchell received an email from David Landry, president of the C.R.L.A. encouraging the town to work with KWD to manage and maintain the dam with the town manager retiring. Donald Robbins, Vassalboro representative on the KWD board of trustees attended the selectmen meeting to report back to KWD regarding the discussions.

The selectmen endorsed the recommendation of the town manager to hire Ron Weeks of Jefferson to harvest alewives on Seven Mile Stream. The department of Marine Resources authorized that afternoon a commercial harvest beginning on May 23 and to continue to the end of the season, approximately June 15. The town manager indicated that since the season is almost over there would not be a significant amount of revenue for the town.

The town manager asked the selectmen to sign the Warrant for the town meeting, which needed to be posted the following day.

The town manager also indicated the Department of Conservation had approved the parking area for the Vassalboro Rest Area on Route 3 on the road leading to the boat launch for Three Mile Pond.

Leo Barnett, subdivision developer, was asked to attend the selectmen meeting to address the various violations for his subdivision off route 201. Leo did not have written explanations for the violations and asked by the selectmen to reply in writing and again by Libby Mitchell at the end of the meeting, would you have written explanations for the next meeting. Leo indicated he would for the next meeting.

The selectmen canceled the June 4 meeting as the town meeting was being held on June 2. The next meeting was scheduled for June 18 and if needed another meeting would be held on June 25 if some of the municipal expenditures were exceeded and the meeting would be held with the budget committee.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the selectmen’s meeting at 8:24 p.m. Libby/Rob 3-0..

Attest: ______________________________

Michael A. Vashon