Vassalboro Board of Selectmen
Minutes of the Meeting
May 12, 2022

Members Present: Rob Browne, Barbara Redmond, and Chris French

Others Present: Mary Sabins, Mary Grow, Mike Poulin, Ryan Page, Tom Richards, Gene Field (6:35), and All States Asphalt Representative Doug Fowler (6:40).

1. Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Browne at 6:30 pm.

2. Minutes – On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by C. French, the Board voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the 4/28/22 meeting as written.

3. Public Hearing on Permit Fees – Chairman Browne opened the public hearing at 6:31 pm. Code Officer Ryan Page provided an updated permit fee schedule and explained that he had added MUBEC inspection fees after the previous draft was released at the last Board meeting. The inspection fees were added at the suggestion of the Planning Board when R. Page shared the draft list of fees with them at their last meeting. After discussion, the Chairman closed the public hearing. On a motion made by C. French, seconded by B. Redmond, the Board voted unanimously to accept the proposed fee schedule as recommended and presented by the Code Officer with the prices to become effective 7/1/22. Chairman Browne disclosed that he is planning to add an addition to his home.

4. Liquor License – After short discussion and on a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by C. French, the Board voted unanimously to approve and sign the liquor license permit for a Spring Fling event to be held by the Masons at St. Bridget Center on 6/16/22.

5. Speed Limit Assessment – Sabins explained that she and Gene Field had received a request from resident Dana Sumner that a speed limit be posted on the Hussey Hill Road. Gene talked with MaineDOT engineer Dave Allen, and Dave indicated the limit for that road has never been determined by MaineDOT. A signed written letter from the Select Board is needed for Dave to conduct the speed assessment. After discussion and on a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by C. French, the Board voted unanimously to request from the MaineDOT that they conduct a speed assessment on Hussey Hill Road. The Board signed a letter of request prepared by Sabins.

6. Reports – On a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by C. French, the Board voted unanimously to accept the Road, Treasurer, and Police Reports as presented. B. Redmond asked a few questions about the Treasurer’s report, which Sabins answered.

7. Treasurer’s Warrants – On a motion made by C. French, seconded by B. Redmond, the Board voted unanimously to approve warrants #64, #65, and #66.

8. Other – 1. PW Director Gene Field distributed a spreadsheet of paving bid prices received earlier in the week. The low bid was from All States Asphalt at $86.90 per ton. All State Representative Doug Fowler described a cheaper paving application called “chip sealing”. When chip sealing application is used, more paving work can be accomplished but the product has a shorter life expectancy. Gene is still uncertain if this product is a good buy for the town. A decision is not mandatory at tonight’s meeting. Allstate can install either application – traditional paving or chip sealing. After extended discussion regarding the pros and cons of both applications a motion was made by B. Redmond, seconded by C. French to accept Gene’s recommendation to award the bid to All States Asphalt. 2. Gene also expressed concern that we may not have sufficient funds to purchase a new wheeler truck for his department next fiscal year, despite adding funds to the warrant article for the June town meeting. Vehicle prices are changing rapidly and vehicles are hard to obtain. Gene reported that many dealerships he has spoken with are not participating in bid processes. Gene asked the Board to waive the bid process that is required in our Procurement Policy. Discussion was also given about preparing words to amend the truck purchase article at town meeting in case it is needed. No formal action was taken by the Board after extended discussion on this topic. 3. C. French asked Gene about the concrete pad work needed at the transfer station for the new compactor. Gene said the amount of pad work needed has yet to be determined. 4. The Board discussed the letter received from MMA requesting nominees to serve on the Legislative Policy Committee. No Board members expressed an interest in serving, but stated the new Board member, when elected, may be interested. 5. A thank you letter from Sexual Assault & Crisis Center for our annual donation was noted. 6. Sabins inquired about specific areas of uncertainty the Board members have concerning the proposed compensation policy. C. French said he was ready to sign the policy at a previous meeting when it was presented. He feels we need to accept the policy in good faith, whether the funds are in place or not. B. Redmond stated she has just the opposite opinion. She does not want to sign the policy until she knows the funding has been put in place at town meeting. B. Redmond said she did have some questions about the policy and will review the document and let Sabins know so more research can be conducted. 7. The Board signed a congratulatory letter to Delta Ambulance to recognize them for their 50th year in business. 8. Sabins stated that VCC Chair Holly Weidner had inquired about starting the driveway and parking lot at Riverside Park. Sabins encouraged her to wait until town meeting approved the park concept and related funding. The Select Board agreed with that advice. 9. At C. French’s request, Sabins provided an update on the installation of the trash compactors at the transfer station. 10. T. Richards reported that Fire Chief Walker Thompson’s father had been involved in a motor vehicle accident, which occurred the same time as a Vassalboro fire call. The Chief left the fire call in the hands of other firefighters and went to assist his father.

9. Adjourn – There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Board of Selectmen on 5/26/22 with the following amendments: None.