Select Board

Minutes of the Meeting

March 26, 2008

Don Breton called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m. In attendance were the following: Libby Mitchell, Rob Browne, Paul Mitnik, Kevin Levasseur, Mary Grow and Mike Vashon.

The public hearing began with a review of the Building Ordinance. Paul Mitnik, Code Enforcement Officer for Vassalboro summarized the changes from the prior meeting. There were no public comments. Don Breton then moved on to the next ordinance. .

The next ordinance was the Automobile Graveyard/Junkyard Ordinance. It was suggested that the Ordinance should be identified as the Automobile Graveyard/Junkyard Ordinance. The word Junkyard was initially left out. Paul Mitnik agreed to insert. There were no public comments. Don Breton then proceeded to the next ordinance.

The third ordinance was the Vassalboro Conservation Commission Ordinance. There were no public comments. The public hearing was closed.

Don then opened the regular selectmen meeting and Libby made a motion for the three ordinances to go to the town meeting, seconded by Rob, vote 3-0.

Don Breton acknowledges Kevin Levasseur, school board member. Kevin indicated with the new state law the school budget approved at the open town meeting must be validated by a written ballot vote less than 10 days later. The selectmen discussed which date would be preferable. The town manager indicated that Waterville, Winslow and Erskine graduate on the 4, 5 and 6 of June, therefore the most preferable date would be June 2, which would give residents the opportunity to think about their vote on June 10th. The town manager would ask Kevin Michaud, principal of VCS, if the gymnasium would be available. Kevin Levasseur indicated that the school is losing state and federal funds for the next fiscal year, which in turn would be a greater burden on local taxpayers. Libby Mitchell indicated that the state is actually contributing more to education in 2008-2009 than in the current year, but the money is distributed differently. Vassalboro is losing under the formula because the property valuations increased more than the average and school enrollment declined. The budget committee is currently in the process of reviewing the school budget. Rob Browne indicated that the discussions on the school budget will continue on April 1 at the VCS.

The March 12th minutes were reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Warrant was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Road Report was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Status Report was reviewed and the town manager indicated no changes for this meeting. Snow has held up the removal of additional vehicles from the Joseph property.

Old Business: None

New Business: The results of the paving bids were disclosed and the town manager indicated that only two bids were submitted, Pike Industries and Mariners. A request was sent to Ferraiolo and they did not submit a bid this year. Pike had the lowest bid of $59.22 vs. Mariners bid of $62.48. Selectmen deferred awarding the bid until the next selectmen meeting on April 9.

The selectmen were given a summary of three companies that submitted bids for GIS work. The three companies were Mitchell Geographics, $8,400, Aerial Survey $18,500 and J.W. Sewall $17,313. The town manager indicated that Aerial and J.W. Sewall were higher because they included some level three work, which was not requested in the RFP. Libby indicated she had to abstain from the discussion and vote because her son, Will runs the company Mitchell Geographics. The town manager indicated the town received a $7,500 grant and the difference was in the current budget. Mitchell Geographics indicated they would begin work by mid April and finish by June 30, 2008. There was a motion by Rob Browne, seconded by Don Breton, vote 2-0, Libby Mitchell abstained.

There being no further business, there was a motion to go into executive session, “I move that the board enter executive session to discuss a personnel matter pursuant to 1 MRSA, Section 405, subsection 6(A).”

There was a motion to go out of executive session, Libby/Rob vote 3-0.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the selectmen’s meeting at 9:00 p.m. Libby/Rob 3-0.

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Michael A. Vashon