Town of Vassalboro
Select Board Meeting
6:00 P.M. Vassalboro Town Office
Thursday, March 16, 2023


Members Present: Barbara Redmond, Chris French, Rick Denico
Others Present: Aaron Miller, Mike Poulin, Doug Phillips, Pam Lemieux

1. Call the Select Board meeting to order – The meeting was called to order by Chair B. Redmond at 6 p.m.

2. Minutes – R. Denico motioned to approve the minutes, seconded by C. French; 3-0.

3. Sign Parsonage House Liquor License – C. French motioned to approve the license, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0. R. Denico motioned to approve a BYOB Permit for Megan Smith for a function at St. Bridget Center, seconded by C. French; 3-0.

4. Budget Discussion – A. Miller presented draft five of the expense side of the budget. He recommended pulling out Delta Ambulance and creating a new line. B. Redmond suggested using the $5,000 from Alewife funds for the Webber Pond Dam rather than raising the funds at Town Meeting.

5. Matt Weaver First National Wealth Management – M. Weaver explained it was a very difficult year in equity and bond markets, explaining that the account was down over 10 percent. That is a reflection of bonds having the worst year ever due to inflation. Despite the account was down, it hauled in an annualized return over three percent. These bonds will help the town in terms of moving forward. B. Redmond asked if he thinks the town will see higher rates. M. Weaver replied yes, adding when that happens he can roll them into higher yielding securities conservatively.

6. Discus Automatic Foreclosures – A. Miller reported the town foreclosed on Accounts 163; 1735; 187; and 1874. C. French said that it’s been the board’s philosophy to assume control over properties as a last resort. In reference to Account 163, Colin Frith asked if the town had heard from a family member. A. Miller said that he has met with a reported family member however has not heard back. The town manager will try again. No decisions were made.

7. Discuss Spirit of America/Town Report Dedication – Tabled.

8. Discuss Handicap Accessible Doors – A. Miller reported he spoke with Eric Dibner, the state’s ADA Accessibility Coordinator and received clearance that no modifications will have to be done to install automatic door openers. A. Miller also met on site with Jill Johanning, a licensed Maine architect employed by Alpha One, a South Portland-based group that focuses on disabilities and aging solutions. Jill agreed that the town office vestibule can accommodate the door openers and meets ADA standards. C. French said that he was concerned about keeping the office warm during the winter months. A. Miller said that he discussed this with the office crew who is okay with the idea given the plexiglass at the front counter will keep the office warm. R. Denico motioned to use $5,313 in ARPA funds to hire American Glass to install the openers, seconded by C. French; 3-0. C. French motioned to use $500 in ARPA funds to hire AMP Electric to install two electrical outlets for the door openers, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

9. Discuss Route 32/Bog Road Intersection – A. Miller presented correspondence from David Allen, a traffic engineer from Maine Department of Transportation regarding a proposal to ban parking across from the Country Store on Bog Rd. toward the Route 32 intersection. Allen did not express any concern about vehicles parking at that location, however, did express safety concerns that include the treatment at the corner by the store. He said the corner treatment in front of the store should wrap around the corner. This would allow the crosswalk on Bog Rd. to be at the intersection where most drivers would expect it. This would also allow for a second stop sign to be placed on the left side of the road so that if a large vehicle was parked in the parking spots blocking the sight of the right hand stop sign, the left hand stop sign would still be visible. With this modified design the parking on Bog Road would not create a safety concern and in fact, the overall safety of the intersection would be enhanced for all users.

B. Redmond said after reading the correspondence, she is not in favor of amending the parking ordinance at this location. Doug Phillips asked if the state could reduce the speed limit for this section of Bog Road to 25 MPH. A. Miller will ask Mr. Allen if the state could do a traffic study.

10. Reports – R. Denico motioned to approve the Town Manager’s report, police report and road report; seconded by C. French; 3-0.

11. Approve Treasurer’s Warrants – R. Denico motioned to approve warrants 53 and 54, seconded by C. French; 3-0.

12. Other items as presented by the Town Manager or Selectboard – None.

13. Executive Session if needed – None.

14. Adjourn – B. Redmond motioned to adjourn at 6:59 p.m., seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.