Vassalboro Select Board

Minutes of the Meeting

June 18, 2008

Libby Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. In attendance were the following: Lauchlin Titus, Rob Browne, Mary Sabins, Cathy St. Pierre, Paul Mitnik, Holly Weidner, Ginny Brackett, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dyer, Jeff LaCasse, Don Robbins, David Jenney, Phil Haines, Charlie Hartman, Mary Grow and Mike Vashon.

Libby introduced new Selectmen Lauchlin Titus and new Town Manager Mary Sabins to the audience. Libby then explained the Selectmen’s past practice of rotating the duties of the Selectmen, stating that Selectmen in the third year of their term usually assume the position of Board Chair and because she is in her third year of her term she expressed a willingness to take that position if the other Board Members supported it. On a motion made by Rob, seconded by Lauchlin, Libby was elected as Chair. She proceeded with the remaining meeting agenda.

The May 21 minutes were reviewed and approved. Rob/Lauchlin 3-0

The Treasurer’s Warrants were reviewed and approved. Rob/Lauchlin 3-0

The Road Report was reviewed and approved. Lauchlin/Rob 3-0

The Status Report was reviewed.

The Financial Report was reviewed and approved. Rob/Lauchlin 3-0

The Police Report was reviewed and approved. Rob/Lauchlin 3-0

Old Business:

Update on Leo Barnett violations – Libby gave an overview of the situation to date. CEO Paul Mitnik discussed the violations that still have not been corrected. After discussion, Lauchlin made a motion to have the Town undertake enforcement action and to begin with the Town Attorney to get this matter resolved. The motion was seconded by Rob, and voted unanimously by the Board.

Alewives - Lauchlin requested an update on this year’s catch and resulting revenue. Mike explained that about $5,000 in revenue was taken in this year, which was more than anticipated. Libby reminded Mary to put the warrant article concerning permission to harvest alewives on the town meeting warrant each year.

New Business:

Maintenance of China Lake Dam – Donald Robbins, Vassalboro representative on the Kennebec Water District Board of Trustees reported that the Trustees had met and expressed a willingness to work with the Town to operate the dam. After discussion, and with Libby’s encouragement, the Trustees and the Town Manager will work to create a written agreement and bring back a draft of such to the Board.

Conservation Commission Projects – Paul Mitnik explained that the Commission was seeking to locate a site that could be developed as an access point to the Kennebec River. Grant funds may be available, but only if the site is handicap accessible, which proves difficult to find given the steep slope down to the river in most sites already identified. The group will continue to seek landowners willing to provide public access across their property. The Commission Members also sought a vote of support from the Select Board for this project they are working on. After discussion and on a motion made by Lauchlin, seconded by Rob, the Board voted unanimously to endorse the Conservation Commission’s endeavors to pursue a feasible site for river access.

Trail Committee update – Holly Weidner explained the Committee’s effort to identify the current trails and mapping them for public use. Lauchlin explained that the Trail Committee would also like to implement the Forest Management Plan that is on file.

Request for website and newsletter improvements – Holly Weidner shared her ideas to utilize high school students to keep the website and newsletters going with up-to-date information. Others shared their thoughts on whether her plan would be successful or not. After discussion, Mary offered to meet with Holly to work on the website update issue. This issue will also be added to the status report for follow-up.

Staff appointments - The appointments of the various town positions were presented:

Civil Constables, Mark Sellinger and Robin Sellinger : Police Chief, Richard Phippen; ACO, Howard Morang; and Alternate, Cindy Ferland; CEO and LPI, Paul Mitnik; Road Commissioner, Eugene Field; Board of Appeals, Russell Brown, Peggy Cain; Planning Board, Virginia Brackett, George Gould, Jay Nutting; Recreation Committee, William Pulver, Theresa Pulver, Danny Waceken; Jean Poulin, Assistant Registrar, Bookkeeper, Deputy Tax Collector, Assistant Town Clerk; Jim Schad, Registrar of Voters, Deputy Tax Collector, Deputy Town Clerk; Cathy St.Pierre, Deputy Tax Collector, Deputy Registrar, Town Clerk, Deputy Welfare Director; Mary Sabins, Town Manager, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Civil Defense Director, Emergency Management Director, Welfare Director; Conservation Commission, Paul Mitnik, Mary Ellen Johnston, David Jenney, Holly Weidner, Steve Jones; Assessor, Ellery Bain.

Selectmen signed all the various documents and each was voted by position. The vote was 3-0 for all positions.

Lauchlin indicated that he intends to resign from the Budget Committee, now that he has been elected to the Select Board. Town Clerk Cathy St. Pierre requested that he put his resignation in writing.

Discussion of meetings in July – The Board decided to continue on with past practices to have only one Board meeting in the month of July. That meeting was scheduled for July 16th. At the July meeting, the Board will decide whether to hold only one meeting in August as well.

Election worker appointments - On a motion made by Lauchlin, seconded by Rob, the Board voted unanimously to approve a list of election workers for 2008-2010 as presented from the Town Clerk as follows: Democrats: Ester Bernhardt, Lisa Breton, Kathleen Casey, Renee Fournier, Paula Gray, Therese Young, Jan Murton, Francine Berard, Susan Rowe, Patricia Sleamaker, Cheryl Socquet, Tracy Willett, Charlie Hartman. Republicans: Marianne Depue, Trudy Dorval, Donna Boudreau, Deborah Giroux, Margaret Hemphill, Molly Melrose, Glenys Michaud, Camille Denico, Kathy Reynolds, Vicki Schad, Shirley Shea, Susan Taylor, Myra Sinclair. Unenrolled: Evelyn Dutil, Susan Vashon.

Building Permit fees – Upon review of the increases proposed by CEO Paul Mitnik, and upon a motion made by Lauchlin, seconded by Rob, the Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed schedule.

Adjourn – There being no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Attest: ______________________________

Mary S. Sabins