Select Board
Minutes of the Meeting
February 27, 2008

Don Breton called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. In attendance were the following: Libby Mitchell, Rob Browne, Paul Mitnik, George Gould and Mike Vashon.

The January 30th minutes were reviewed and approved, Rob/Don 2-0.

The Warrant was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Road Report was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Status Report was reviewed and the town manager indicated no changes for this meeting.

The Financial Report was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

The Police Report was reviewed and approved, Libby/Rob 3-0.

Old Business: An update of the progress of Francis Joseph’s automobile graveyard. Paul Mitnik indicated that with all of the snow the firm that was removing the vehicles got stuck in the snow on many occasions and they were busy with their normal wrecker business, therefore, not very many vehicles were removed in the past two weeks. Paul will continue to monitor.

New Business: Paul then discussed draft changes to the Building Ordinance, including increases to the building fees and changes to the Automobile Graveyard/Junkyard ordinance. The main goal was to bring up to date ordinances that have become outdated because of changes to state law, to clarify sections that in practice are incomplete or contradictory and to implement parts of the strategic plan. After a review by the selectmen there were a few cosmetic changes/clarification requested including exempting some above ground swimming pools and decks. The town manager and Code Enforcement Officer would make some clarifications and changes for the next selectmen’s meeting. The schedule of suggested changes in fees had been reviewed by the Planning Board and would represent some increases on certain fees. The town manager and C.E.O. indicated that fees should support the expenses of the Code Enforcement Officer by the resident requesting the permit, rather than all residents.

The third item was a brief discussion on updating a current ordinance to re-establish the Vassalboro Conservation Commission. This was requested by the Conservation committee.

There was a brief discussion on a public hearing for the ordinances and depending on when the town meeting is held, the most likely date would be at the March 26 selectmen meeting.

There was a brief discussion on when the town meeting would be. Historically, the town meeting is held the day after the state election in June. This year the date would be June 11. The other factor affecting the date of the town meeting is whether the referendum for the school, as established by current law, requires towns to discuss and vote on 2009 school budgets at an open meeting. Within 10 days a referendum must be held to validate the total budget amount approved at the open meeting. Libby indicated the Senate passed a bill postponing the referendum requirement, but the House had not acted on it as of this meeting date.

The town manager also indicated that budget committee meetingshad been scheduled for March 18, 20, 25 and 27 subject to budget committee approval after their first meeting.

In other business, the town manager recommended Cynthia Ferland as the alternate animal control officer to work with Howard Morang. Motion was made to approve and document was signed.

The selectmen were given a copy of the Dog Warrant. A motion was made to approve and the selectmen signed it giving Howard Morang the authority to take legal action if the owners do not pay the late fees.

The town manager also indicated the town received a grant from
the Department of Transportation for the use of a speed trailer to be used for a two week period.

The town manger also indicated that the overtime account for the public works department had been overspent by $3,000 as of the last payroll. There will be an attempt to reduce other expenditures to stay with the total public works budget.

The selectmen then requested to go into executive session to review the 14 applications for the town managers position. There was then a motion to adjourn from executive session at 10:05.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the selectmen’s meeting at 10:05 p.m. Libby/Rob 3-0.

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Michael A. Vashon