Vassalboro Board of Selectmen
Minutes of the Meeting
December 22, 2022

Members Present: Barbara Redmond, Chris French and Rick Denico
Minutes taken by Town Clerk Catherine Coyne

Also Present: Mary Grow, Mike Poulin, Tom Richards, Brian Lajoie, Melissa Olson, Karen Hatch
Paul Mitnik and several other residents.

The meeting was brought to order at 6:30 pm. Chris French took minutes until the Town Clerk arrived. R. Denico made a motion to accept the minutes of December 8, 2022 meeting as written. C. French seconded. All approved.

Town Clerk Catherine Coyne arrived and took over minutes.

The Public Hearing regarding Medical Marijuana Business Licenses was brought to order. Code Enforcement Officer Paul Mitnik recommended approving 5 out of the 6 applications. Daniel Charest, 8 Cushnoc Road was not approved. Mr. Charest business burned to the ground. There is no facility at this time to approve. Mr. Charest does plan on rebuilding his facility. C. French asked if Mr. Charest would lose his spot to obtain a license if others applied for a permit. Mr. Mitnik said this would not be an issue as new licenses are not allowed at this time. Discussion was had regarding how fees are handled. Paul feels this needs to be changed. He is having an issue with the 1000’ “grow area” stated in the current Ordinance. He will come up with recommendations for the next Select Board meeting on January 5th, 2023. It was suggested to have the Town Attorney look over proposed changes. The Public Hearing was closed. A motion by C. French to accept the CEO’s recommendation on approving all permits except for Daniel Charest. R. Denico seconded. All in favor. The following licenses were approved and signed by the Board. Leo Barnet, Colin Dorsey, William Cunningham, Zeena McMullen and Hayden Poupis

Paul Mitnik wanted to discuss littering in town. He suggested placing signs at the main entry points in town stating “No Littering” and the fine involved. Discussion on having the Conservation Committee conduct clean ups around town. C. French suggest contacting the county jail for inmates as done in the past with Public Works. Barbara felt that signs would not help and would be costly to the town. R. Denico felt it would be a great idea for Spring cleanup.

Karen Hatch, Community Director, stated that they have an outdated soccer goal that a parent would like to purchase. It is just the goal posts of a with no net included. They are asking permission to sell the soccer goal for $80.00. A motion was made to sell the outdated goal post equipment for $80.00. C. French seconded. All approved.

C. French motioned to repeal the Town Office Covid-19 Vaccination Policy which required employees to be vaccinated. R. Denico seconded. All in favor. It was discussed that the shot is not stopping people from getting Covid and should no longer be required.

C. French motioned to appoint Aaron Miller as the new Town Manager, Treasurer, General Assistance Administrator and Tax Collector amongst other duties required. R. Denico seconded. All in favor. The Board then signed the oaths.

B. Redmond recommended to postpone discussion on reinvestment options for a Share Certificate that will mature on January 19, 2023 as rates will change. This discussion will be added to the January 5, 2023 agenda.

R. Denico motioned to approve the BYOB permit for a January 4th, 2023 wedding planned at St. Bridget’s Center. C. French seconded. All in favor. The board then signed the application.

R. Denico motioned to accept the road report and treasurer’s report as written. C. French seconded. All in favor.

C. French motioned to accept the treasurer’s warrant Articles 37-38 as presented. R. Denico seconded. All in favor. The Warrant was signed.

Discussion was had regarding the installation of the handicap door access. It was suggested by the Town Clerk to use ARPA funds to install a handicap button on the front door. He asked if it would be an issue if it required removing the inside entry way. The clerk explained that it would be needed to avoid cold air coming into the office area during winter months. Other suggestion were discussed.

C. French adjourned the meeting at 7:15 pm. R. Denico seconded. All in favor.

The Board wished the public present a Merry Christmas!!

Catherine Coyne
Town Clerk