Vassalboro Select Board
Minutes of the Meeting
August 20, 2020

Members Present: Rob Browne, John Melrose, and Barbara Redmond

Others Present: Mary Sabins, Mary Grow, Mike Poulin, Al Hodsdon, George Hamar, and Gene Field

1. Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Chairman Melrose at 6:30 p.m.

2. Minutes – On a motion made by R. Browne, seconded by B. Redmond, the Board voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the 7/23/20 meeting as written.

3. Engineer Al Hodsdon distributed handouts to Board Members of his proposed design plan in draft form for the new layout at the Transfer Station to include the addition of a new trash compactor, a new shed roof over the open top container, and a new control building for the compactor. In order for this particular plan to come to fruition, however, Al explained that the Town would need to acquire land from the abutter for driveway access. General discussion about the plan was given. This being the first opportunity that Transfer Station Manager George Hamar had been given to review the draft plan, he had some questions for Al about the logistics of the proposed traffic pattern flow. Al agreed to meet with George to discuss his concerns, and then bring a final report back to the Selectmen at their meeting on September 17th.

4. Snack shack metal roof bid – Sabins had earlier in the day distributed a spreadsheet summary of the four metal roof bids received, which she also provided in printed format to the Board at the meeting for their consideration and vote. Sabins explained that she had sought bid interpretation assistance from others who are experienced in roofing material products and their application. Based on information gathered from those professionals, Sabins explained the general consensus was that the $6,900 bid from Legacy Home Improvements of South China, ME using the product named Everlast II was the preferred option, but the product should be installed with the upgraded screws offered by the manufacturer. After discussion, and on a motion made by R. Browne, seconded by B. Redmond, the Board voted unanimously to accept the Legacy Home Improvement bid price up to $7,000, pending negotiations with the owner by Sabins to increase his labor warranty to something more than the two years listed on his bid sheet, and to use the upgraded screws.

5. Police cruiser bid – Chairman Melrose opened and read the one bid received to sell the retired 2007 Chevy Impala police cruiser with over 98K miles. The bid received was from Rodney Glidden for $151.50. Board members suggested more money could possibly be received by junking the car for salvage. The Board asked Sabins to conduct that research. A motion was then made by B. Redmond, seconded by R. Browne and voted unanimously by the Board to authorize Sabins to sell the cruiser to the low bidder unless we can get a better price by salvaging the vehicle.

6. 250th Town of Vassalboro birthday celebration – Chairman Melrose expressed a desire for the Town to act as a coordinator for the celebration events, rather than forming a committee. Several people have indicated to him a willingness to be in charge of certain events at the celebration, but prefer not to be part of a committee. A few ideas considered for the celebration events were to have fireworks in the back end of the soccer field, Don Breton offered to put a calendar together with historical town-related photos and also a scavenger hunt; the folks from ARI could give the history of the alewife run in Vassalboro; a time capsule was also discussed among other ideas. It was suggested the celebration events could kick off in April of 2021 on the actual birthday anniversary, but then continue throughout the rest of the year, some in conjunction with Vassalboro Days in September. No official action was taken on this agenda item.

7. Recreation Committee appointment – At the request of the Recreation Committee Chairman Danielle Sullivan, a motion was made by R. Browne, seconded by B. Redmond, and voted unanimously by the Board to appoint Charlie Plourde to the Recreation Committee.

8. Lost vacation time – Sabins explained that two of our employees, Gene Field and Jean Poulin have both reached their vacation time accrual cap of 240 hours and both have lost vacation time that they would have accrued if the cap was not reached. Both have used some vacation time recently, so the problem is alleviated for now, but both are requesting to be either paid for the time lost, or to have the time reinstated once their vacation time balance is below the cap. This time of year, it is extremely difficult for Gene to take vacation time. As of the August 6th payroll, Gene had 235.38 of earned vacation hours available. He accrues 7.38 hours of vacation time per pay period because of his longevity. Gene Field has lost a total of 16.32 hours (valued at $501.84); Jean Poulin has lost a total of 1.24 hours (valued at $25.80). As of August 6th payroll, Jean has a current vacation time balance of 205.54 hours and she earns 5.54 hours per pay period. Jean used 40 hours of vacation time within the last few weeks. A similar vacation time buyout/payout for lost hours for both Jean Poulin and Sabins was approved in June, due to the fact that both were unable to use vacation time during the virus shutdown. After discussion and on a motion made by B. Redmond, seconded by R. Browne, the Board voted unanimously to pay the employees for the lost vacation time.

9. Other (taken out of agenda order) – PW Director Gene Field mentioned to the Board that he was aware that the Town of Clinton was bidding off an old backhoe with a minimum bid price of $8,000. Gene stated that he realized the machine was old, but there are times when a spare backhoe would be handy for him to have, since the one backhoe the town owns is stored at the transfer station. Gene asked if the Board had any interest in this piece of equipment. If so, he would go look at it. By consensus, the Board agreed there was no interest, but B. Redmond encouraged Gene to put forth a request in his budget next year for a backhoe. Gene also gave an update on the road paving progress.

10. MMA Executive Committee ballot – R. Browned moved to authorize Sabins as a designated signer on behalf of the Board to complete the ballot and to approve those nominated for office on the ballot. The motion was seconded by B. Redmond and voted unanimously by the Board.

11. Treasurer’s Warrants – On a motion made by R. Browne, seconded by B. Redmond, the Board voted unanimously to approve warrants #10 and #11.

12. Reports – On a motion made by R. Browne, seconded by B. Redmond, the Board voted unanimously to accept the Road, Police, and Transfer Station reports as presented. The Board asked Treasurer Sabins questions about the year-end financial reports, which were presented at the meeting.

13. Other1. Sabins informed the Board that she had received and approved a request from the Webber Pond Association to use the town office parking lot and lawn for their annual meeting to be held on September 5th. Covid-19 safety precautions will be taken. 2. The Town Office driveway will be used for the Library’s Chalkfest during the annual Vassalboro Days celebration. It is unknown at this time which artist will be drawing or which design will be drawn. 3. B. Redmond indicated that she had participated in MMA’s Elected Officials (virtual) Workshop the day before and that she felt it was good training. 4. Chairman Melrose stated he had spoken with Fire Chief Walker Thompson who offered tours of the two fire stations in town for the Selectmen and Town Manager, if desired. All expressed an interest in participating.

14. Adjourn – There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Select Board on 9/3/20 with the following amendments: None.