Town of Vassalboro
Select Board Meeting
Vassalboro Town Office
August 17, 2023

Members Present: Chris French, Rick Denico, Michael Poulin

Others Present: Aaron Miller, Dawn Haywood, Norman Martin, Brian Lajoie, John Fortin, AnnMarie Fortin, Jessica Murray, Nate Gray, Jim Schad, Ray Breton, Melissa Olson, Zach Olson, Karen Howard, Shawn Bragg, Pam Lemieux, Bernard Lemieux, Doug Phillips, Brian Stanley, Tom Richards, Liz McMahon, Laura Jones, Wanda Phillips

1. Call the Meeting to order – C. French called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

2. Warrants – R. Denico motioned to approve warrants 72, 73 & 74 without payment to Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, seconded by M. Poulin; 3-0.

3. Minutes – M. Poulin motioned to approve the minutes with correcting the spelling of Bill Pullen’s name, seconded by Rick; 3-0.

4. Discuss Mil Rate – M. Poulin motioned to set the mil rate at $12.72 per assessed valuation, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

5. Discuss Appointments – R. Denico motioned to approve the Town Manager’s appointments as presented, seconded by M. Poulin; 3-0. After meeting with the recreation committee, community program director and reviewing all applications for seats on the recreation committee the Town Manager proposed the following individuals to serve a one-year term on the recreation committee: Kris Stewart, Baseball Commissioner; Ryan Reed, Softball Commissioner/Secretary; John Fortin, Member at Large; Marie Fortin, Member at Large; Vickie Limberger, Fundraiser & Senior Events; Kevin Phanor, Baseball Commissioner; Melissa Olson, Soccer Commissioner.
M. Poulin motioned to approve the nominees, seconded by R. Denico, abstained by C. French; 2-0-1.

6. Discuss Recreation Field Sponsors – The Town Manager will work with the new recreation committee on this.

7. Discuss Road Work – B. Lajoie explained the public works crew has been working on South Cross Hill on ditching and will pave from Mill Hill to the south end of Cushnoc Rd.; Trisha Lane and Sidney Lane which is expected to begin around the middle of September.

8. Discuss Disposing of Town Property – R. Denico motioned to approve trading in a trailer for $5,500 toward the cost of a new 20-ton trailer with air ramps, seconded by M. Poulin; 3-0.

9. Discuss Transfer Station – The selectboard agreed to delay sending out RFP’s on a new transfer station building until after more discussion with the Taskforce.

10 – Discuss Fire Station Roof – The selectboard agreed to send out RFP’s on a new Fire Station Roof.

11 – Discuss Carry Forwards – The Town Manager reported he is working with the auditors before recommending any carry forwards.

12 – Discuss Mowing Contract – The Town Manager recommended the Selectboard waive the Procurement Policy and extend the current mowing of municipal properties for another five years to Attention 2 Detail Lawn Care: (2024) $7,750; (2025) $7,800; (2026) $7,800; (2027) $7,800; (2028) $7,800. This bid includes mowing Eagle Park. The current contract is $7,500 a year. R. Denico motioned to waive the Procurement Policy, seconded by M. Poulin; 3-0. M. Poulin motioned to extend the mowing contract to Attention 2 Detail Lawn Care for another five years, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

13. Discuss Bog Road Detour – The Town Manager presented a proposed contract with the State’s Department of Transportation that allows vehicles to use alternate routes in Vassalboro. The Town Attorney is currently reviewing the proposal. A. Miller also said that he has asked the state’s DOT to meet with the board to discuss plans on paving, sidewalks and curbing in town and how the town should prepare for plowing the state road considering the condition of manhole covers in the north village.

14. Discuss Legislation Changes – The Town Manager reported several changes at the legislature that include LD 290; LD 101 and LD 286.

15. Discuss Website – The Town Manger reported he solicited several proposals for a new website. In an effort to stay within budget and based on experience, he proposed TownCloud to provide this service. A presentation will be held at the next meeting on September 7.

16. Discuss Tax Bill Mailer – The board discussed a questionnaire that will be mailed out with the tax bills that focused on whether the public wishes to see any changes in town as well as input on development and conservation.

17. Discuss Library – B. Stanley reported the library received a $24,999 grant that will allow improvements at the building which includes a private space for Zoom conferencing for remote workers, updated computers and a new shed. He also presented the library’s bylaws, pointing out that a selectboard member can serve as an honorary member and in the event of dissolution, the library, lot and buildings shall be transferred by deed to the Town of Vassalboro.
M. Poulin asked when the library will begin opening for an added day during the week, B. Stanley noted that will happen in mid-September.

18. Sign Tabor Hill Pole Permit – The Town Manger reported B. Lajoie looked at this location and recommended approval. M. Poulin motioned to approve, seconded by R. Denico; C. French abstained, 2-0-1.

19. Discuss appointing Planning Board Alternate – The Town Manager will contact Andy Vear to see if he is interested in serving.

20. Reports: Town Manger and Road – M. Poulin motioned to accept the reports, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

21. Other items as may be presented by the Town Manger or Selectboard – N. Martin asked the selectboard to consider an ordinance that prohibits “burnouts” from motor vehicles. He said he spoke to a sheriff’s deputy about this matter who said that he should talk to the town. The Town Manager will follow up at the next selectboard meeting.

22. Sign Warrants – The board signed warrants

23. Executive Session to discuss personnel matter 1-M.R.S.A. – C. French motioned to enter executive session, seconded by M. Poulin; 3-0. C. French motioned to exit executive session, seconded by R. Denico.

24. Adjourn – C. French motioned to adjourn, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.