Board of Selectman
Minutes of the Meeting
April 23, 2008

Donald Breton called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. In attendance were the following: Libby Mitchell, Don Breton, Rob Browne, and Catherine St. Pierre. Also from the public George Gould, Mary Grow, Josh Ascani, Andrew Russell, Lauren Driscoll, Rory Dauger, Derek Patry, Ian Shalet, Annica McGuirk, Max Lurie, Reed Brogger, Professor Chris Beach, Erin (?), Richard Phippen, Donald Robbins, Phil Haines, Charlie Hartman. Town Manger Mike Vashon is on vacation.

The April 9, 2008 minutes were read. Libby motioned to approve the minutes, Rob seconded. All in favor.

The warrant was reviewed. Libby motioned to accept as presented, Rob seconded. All in favor.

The Road Report was reviewed. Libby motioned to accept, Rob seconded. All in favor

Old Business: Discussion on the Municipal Budget. The Budget committee wanted to reduce the overlay account to $0. Don spoke to Mike previously and recommends not going lower than $15, 000.00. Selectman recommend no to eliminate it but agreed to set it at$15,000.00 instead of the recommended $25,000.00. Don stated that with the reduction of the overlay account, it would result in the .554 mill rate increase.
Don will submit the warrant to Sue Bourdon to print in the Town Report. Also discussed was the bonding article for the windows. Gary Smith would need to have the proper language that would authorize the spending of such funds. Phil Haines spoke from the audience encouraging the Budget Committee to accept the overlay recommendation by the Selectman.

New Business: Students from Unity College were present along with Professor Chris Beach. Mr. Beach thanked the Selectman, Paul Mitnik and Michael Vashon for inviting them to attend. They provided a power point presentation on the preservation and restoration of outlet streams and an avenue for alewives to reach China Lake. The presentation showed the different dams in town and what could be done with them such as a small hydropower resource. One suggestion is to turn the Masse mill into a museum. The Masse, Lombard and Ladd dams have the potential to generate small amounts of electricity. The North Vassalboro dam would need major repair. Discussion regarding reintroducing alewives into the streams. This would benefit as the alewives eat algae. Comments were that Webber Pond seemed better since alewives were re-introduced. Professor Beach suggested to the town to start an Outlet Stream committee that would work with dam owners to work on the student’s recommendations.

Resident Charlie Hartman presented pictures her son took which will hang in the Town Office for viewing. She also stated that she would be willing to make copies of the news-letter the students put together to be available at the Town Meeting. A handful was left at the Town Office for residents to pick up.

There being no further business, a motion by Libby to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm. Rob seconded. All in favor.


Attest: _________________________________
Catherine St. Pierre, Town Clerk