Town of Vassalboro
Select Board Meeting
6:00 P.M. Vassalboro Town Office
Thursday, April 13, 2023

Members Present: Barbara Redmond, Chris French, Rick Denico
Others Present: Aaron Miller, Mike Poulin, Melissa Olsen Doug Phillips, Tom Richards

1. Call the Select Board meeting to order – The meeting was called to order by Chair B. Redmond at 6 p.m.

2. Minutes: Review and approve the minutes of the March 30, 2023 meeting – C. French motioned to approve the minutes, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

3. Review Waste Hauling Bids – C. French motioned to accept Bolsters bid to haul MSW and Cassella for bulky waste and cardboard; seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

4. Windsor Turn Around – A. Miller explained that a Windsor resident expressed interest in paving an area in Windsor that both Windsor and Vassalboro public works trucks use as a turnaround. Since it has been reported that Windsor has no interest in paving this, there was no further discussion on the matter.

5. Tax Acquired Property Update/Sign Quit Claim Deed – A. Miller reported the former owner of account 1874 is willing to pay $75 a month in back taxes to the Town. The board agreed that would not be enough and directed the Town Manger to contact the former owner as well as the Town Attorney to explore other options. A. Miller will follow up at the next selectboard meeting.
R. Denico motioned to approve and sign a Quit Claim Deed to Kimberly A. Pooler, seconded by C. French; 3-0.

6. Sign Natanis Liquor License – C. French motioned to approve the liquor license, seconded by R. Dencio; 3-0.

7. Sign First National Resolution – The board signed the resolution authorized the Town Manager and Bookkeeper to manage these funds.

8. Planning Board Rules of Order & Straw Poll on Land Use – D. Phillips explained that the town’s Planning Board was formed around 1957. According to Section Three of the town’s Planning Board Rules of Order, there shall be five members and two associates serving staggering five-year terms. He said that lately it has been valuable to have an alternate who can slip in act as a member when needed. Although the rules call for a five-year term, he is calling for a two-year term. This is up to the Planning Board, he said, who can look at amending the order.
D. Phillips added that he is interested in sending out a straw poll on land use, such as mailing out a questionnaire in the tax bill. C. French expressed concerns with this, as this would not allow renters an opportunity to vote. There was no decision on the straw poll vote.

9. Discussion on Email – A. Miller explained that he is working with Spectrum to update the town’s upload/download speeds. A three-year contract also calls for new phones, which overall, would be less each month compared to what the town currently pays. The Town Manager will also look into the town’s Franchise Agreement with Spectrum and explore service at the transfer station and public works departments.

10. Reports:

A. Town Manager
B. Police Report
C. French motioned to approve both reports, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0.

11. Approve Treasurer’s Warrants – C. French motioned to approve warrants 59-60, seconded by R. Denico; 3-0

12. Other items as may be presented by Town Manager or Selectboard –


B. Redmond noted there were three areas that the selectboard and budget committee did not come to a consensus: China Region Lakes Alliance; paving and public safety.
The board agreed to keep their original recommendation of $13,500 for CRLA. They also agreed to change their recommendation on paving cutting $88,200 as proposed by the budget committee. B. Redmond motioned to recommend a $453,300 paving budget, seconded by C. French; 3-0. R. Denico motioned to keep the original proposed police chief salary of $31,637, seconded by C. French; 2-1; B. Redmond opposed.

Warrant Discussion

The board reviewed a draft warrant for the annual town meeting, discussing the proposed amended site review ordinance and fee schedule.

13. Adjourn – B. Redmond motioned to adjourn, seconded by C. French; 3-0.

These minutes were read and accepted by the Board of Selectmen on 4/27/23 with the following amendments: None.