Town of Vassalboro
Select Board’s Meeting
7:00 P.M. Vassalboro Town Office
Thursday, December 19, 2013

1. Call the meeting to order

2. Minutes – no notes.

3. Ben Gidney has requested to be placed on the agenda. He is hoping you will sign a letter of support that he plans to bring with him to request a waiver of the MDOT setback rules. As you know, he installed large posts alongside the Bog Road and Rt. #32 on his corner lot with the intent to install a fence. The State has determined the installed posts are too close to the centerline and are within the State’s right of way. They have asked him to move them by December 18th. There is a provision in the Statutes that if the municipal officers support a waiver, the State will consider it. Enclosed is the violation letter from the State and the statute.

4. Capital Expenses Committee Report - I have no prior information to send to you in this agenda packet. We’ll learn the committee’s findings together.

5. Fire Department funding for recruitment efforts – This item is on the agenda at Lauchlin’s request from the last meeting. I have received confirmation of attendance from Mike Vashon, but no confirmation from Chief Rowe or Treasurer Don Breton.

6. Renew Disbursement policy for school warrants – No wording changes are proposed. We just need to renew it. See enclosed samples of last year’s policy and the proposed new policy.

7. Reports – a. Status report – I have removed the status report item from the agenda until we have an item to put on it. b. Road report – no comment. c. Financial report - As of the end of November, 41.67% of the fiscal year has past. Excise tax collection is $18,003 lower this month than last month, and $135 lower this November than last November. The year to date collection is $15,794 lower this year than last year.

8. Treasurer’s warrant – no comment.

9. Other – 1. You might consider cancelling the January 2nd meeting. I have no agenda items for that meeting at this time and I plan to take vacation days the week between December 24th and New Year’s Day.