Planning Board minutes of 09/07/10


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Chair Virginia Brackett

1. Leon Cummings –Subdivision Review.

Approve Preliminary Plan

Cummings excused himself from the Planning Board and spoke from the floor of the meeting during the discussion of his subdivision

All test pit surpass Town and State requirements for the HHE-200
Plan show well and septic locations and building setbacks.
Approval letters are included in packet Fire Chief, Town Manager, Road Commissioner
D. Phillips-commented that there should be a school review to indicate impact of subdivision will have on schools if any.

P. Mitnik- State Agency reports are now in the package. Tax map reference is also now in plan as well

V. Brackett- Copy of deed restrictions are now in package Storm Water Management Plan is now in package

Don Marquis (abutter)-

first issue is wetlands-he has a beaver pond across from the development-everyone on the road knows there was standing water on this land.
Size was over ¾ acre, his concern is his pond will dry up.
2nd issue is the line of sight ,trees were cut down to gain line of sight and who will maintain the line of sight once the subdivision is approved.
He had additional concerns about who is going to move mailboxes that are currently in Town ROW.

V. Brackett- The Post Office is responsible for the location, height etc.
L. Cummings- Mr. Marquis must move approx 11 feet off roadway
All subdivision mailboxes will be in a central location
Site distance is more than the minimum required of 350 ft (35MPH)
I have place a 2 ft. culvert placed on the site
Under State rules I can place 4300 SF of fill without any permits.
There is a drainage easement on lots 1,2,3 on the plans and will be in those deeds.
P. Mitnik -The road line of site is a Building Ordinance
Paul described the typical methodology to conduct a line of sight review.
Paul endorsed Eugene Fields the road commissioner’s competence to undertake a site distance review.
V. Brackett- His review meets the test of the ordinances.
D. Marquis- I disagree
D. Feeney- Perhaps a memo from Mr. Fields could be gotten for the record.
D. Phillips said it should be in the record.
V. Brackett- motion to approve preliminary plan,
D. Phillips seconded, all voted in favor

Final approval review
V. Brackett-The two transparencies are not available yet.
Need 3 copies of map and Mylar
11x17 copy as well

All state and Federal permits have been approved.
Storm water management permit has been approved
No wetlands are large enough to consider here.
No MDOT permit is required
Me. Historic Preservation Commission has responded.
Road Plans are in packet

P. Mitnik- separate application for performance guarantee.
Road Plan
Location ,existing drainage ways
Front lot easements on lot 1, 2, 3 the drainage culvert is 76 ft. long and a 2 ft. bore
Curb data
Center Line Gradient
Radius of sidewalks
Storm drains
Telephone poles street designs-section 6
6G design standard
Name of road
Road to be privately owned
Paving at least 10 lots then it will come to be approved and taken over as Town road.
This site is not in Watershed of a great pond
Cost estimate of construction of road
Financial capacity is ok
Letters from Town Manager, fire dept
Temporary turn-arounds are approved.
Alternate form of evidence
Letters from Town’s of Buxton and Cape Elizabeth regarding contractor’s competence

Performance Standards