Town of Vassalboro
Planning Board
682 Main Street
Vassalboro Maine 04962

Approved as submitted_______Doug/George

Minutes of 09-06-11
Planning Board Meeting

Present :
Ginny Brackett, Chair
Sally Butler
George Gould
Doug Phillips
Maryanne Hubert
Leon Cummings-absent

Chairman opened meeting @ 7:00 P.M.

Minutes of 08-02-11 Accepted as written George/Sally

1. Discussion Only:
Mainemade Dogsled
74 Whitehouse Road
Tabled from 08-02-11
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy were present to discuss with the board what was needed to complete an application they submitted in August. They will re-submit at a later date

2. Steven Holt
Application to demolish a storage building and construct a new building further away from the shoreline of Three Mile Pond.
Mr. Holt submitted a detailed plan for replacement of the existing structure as he will be set back more than 250 feet from the Pond he is no longer dealing with Shoreland Zoning issues.

There is no plumbing, or electrical planned for the shed which will be used for general storage and a small boat.

Doug made motion to approve
Second was George
All in favor
Application Approved

3. Zmigrodski
Site Review
Application was reviewed but here are a few things
Need to be included No actual map with addresses on it
Lot 105 seems not to be included
All abutters need to be included
George moved to Table
All in Favor
Code to contact the property owner and request the necessary info and that they come to the next meeting in October.

4. Review of the Subdivision Ordinance

Ginny began discussion on purpose of review and set a goal of June to complete the task.
Doug mentioned that the State Model for subdivisions has a great deal of information in It.
Goal of next meeting is to through to Administrative Procedures section
Section II
Ginny mentioned they are not going to deal with Open Space at this time.

Maryanne mentioned to need to go thru section 5 of the ordinance at this time.
There was a discussion as to how to proceed so they can see the existing and the mock up that Paul Mitnik had drafted.

*** Code Officer mentioned that Doug and Sally need to be sworn in as members.

George moved to adjourn at 8:30 p.m.
All in favor

Next meeting scheduled for October 04, 2011