Vassalboro Planning Board
September 04, 2012

Ginny Brackett---Chair____X
Sally Butler ____X
Marianne Hubert ____X
Doug Phillips ____X
George Gould ____X
Vacant ____

1. Shoreland Zoning Application
Applicant did not submit application to meet deadline and will resubmit for October, 2012.
2. Discussion on RFP
A. Experience
B. Key personnel
C. Cost per hour
D. Need to go thru Ordinances with Planning Board
E. Number of Public Hearings
F. Scope of Work to include any changes recommended
G. Town Meeting Deadline
H. Consolidation of all ordinances and changes into a final document.
All work to be completed by March 15, ????, 2012(need to set a date)

Recommendation on attracting some of the young members of the community.

4. Other Business:
Ray Breton attended the meeting to discuss his mill building
Doug- We need to know what is going in there we would like you(Ray) to do a presentation or a proposal
There is so much potential there.
What is the access around the building like with the shared driveway with the other mill?
Are there any sprinklers or electrical needs that should be addressed before you let a business in?

Ray -There are no remaining sprinklers removed by previous owner/tenant
Little building in front is occupied and completely renovated.
Code_ Concerned with bulk warehousing cars and trucks and paintball, cardboard- plastic recycling going on at the same time. Recycling is using 21,000 SF.
Jose only uses building on bad days where he cannot use his Webber Pond Rd site.
Pro-Move of Waterville is using 8000 SF for storage.

Doug questioned whether it should be reviewed as a subdivision( 3 lots or commercial division of a structure into 3 or more uses)
Ray it has 9 loading docks can p[ark 20 tractor trailer rigs on site.
What needs to be done is a Map of the building indicating where the rental spaces are (current and Proposed)
Ginny felt most activities are conducted on M<ain floor
Ray – Car storage is Below grade
Committee thanked Ray for coming in
Code and Ray to work on development of a master plan and drawings.
Doug -mentioned the building on Burleigh Rd is occupied and has not been in to do a site plan-Code to follow up.\
5. Next meeting of Planning Board set for October 2, 2012
At 7:00 PM

Vote to adjourn at 8:30
All in favor