7:00 P.M.

Minutes of September 3, 2019 Meeting
Board Members Present:
_ Ginny Bracket, Chair _ Doug Phillips _ Sally Butler
_ Betsy Poulin _ Marianne Stevens, Alternate
_ Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI
Public: Don Ploude, Gary Coull, Matt Pouliot, Christina Knowles, Keith Knowles

1.) Call meeting to order.

2.) Applicant Name: Knowles Mechanical Inc.
Applicants Mailing Address: 1097 Rt. 3
China, Maine

Location of Project: Maple Street
Map: 8 Lots: 148, 148-1, 148-3

Discussion of the Project
• The building contains six apartments and a manufacturing area where audio cassettes were formerly manufactured
• Knowles Mechanical is an HVAC company and plans to turn the manufacturing area into an HVAC company.
• CEO Mitnik asked about fire separation between the apartments and proposed HVAC area. Gary Coull stated that he believes this already exists.
• Noise from fabrication of HVAC equipment will only typically occur one or two days per week.
• Mr Knowles indicated that a separation wall from the apartments will be constructed to address noise from the HVAC component. A CMAXX ventilation system will be added to address dust, fumes and other indoor pollution.
• A sign will be put on the building

Review of application for completeness The application was voted to be complete by motion of Phillips seconded by Brackett. Vote 5-0

Review of site plan Board requested that the application should reference the subdivision Plan of Klarity Kassette subdivision which was approved in December of 2006. CEO Mitnik added this reference to the application.

Deliberations/concerns: It was discovered that the application stated that the Town did the abutter notifications. This was not accurate since the Town does not do the abutter notifications; the Site Plan Review Ordinance requires that the applicant do the abutter notification. It was decided that the abutter notifications were not done.

Approval/Denial: The application was tabled by motion of Doug Phillips seconded by Stevens by a 5-0 vote to the following Tuesday 9/10 in which another meeting will be held. The applicant will do the abutter notification prior to this meeting.

3.) Motion to adjourn

Respectfully submitted

Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI