Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of Sept 1, 2009

Planning Board: Virginia Bracket, George Gould, Sally Butler
CEO: Paul Mitnik,
Public: Ron Willette, Darryl Fedochek, Jacki Locke, Craig Locke, Mary Grow

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM.

Review of Aug 4 Minutes: The Aug 4 Minutes were approved (Gould / Butler 3-0).

Frank Cole
Shoreland Zoning Seven Mile Stream
New Residential Home
Tax Map 1, Lots 124-A

Frank Cole is proposing to develop land on Mill Hill Rd for a mobile home to be used as a primary residence. Frank was represented by Jacki and Craig Locke. Ginny commented that the frontage and lot size of 200 feet and 1.18 acres, respectively, made this a conforming lot. A septic system design on an HHE-200 form was presented as part of the application. The mobile home will be located a distance of approximately 150 feet from the high water mark of Seven Mile Stream which meets the 100 foot setback requirement. The application as a whole was approved (Gould / Butler 3-0).

Darryl Fedorchak
Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
Expansion of Non-Conforming Structure
Tax Map 16A, Lot 18

Darryl is proposing a small expansion for a structure located at 12 Morgan Rd. Ginny asked where Morgan Rd was. Darryl replied it was off Dam Rd on the other side of the bridge spanning Seven Mile Stream and initially looks like a driveway. There are five properties with homes on Morgan Rd. Ginny noted that the proposed expansion is exactly the 15% allowed by Ordinance for a non-conforming structure. The distance of the structure from the high water mark is 70 feet as determined by Betsy Fitzgerald, the former Code Officer. Ginny noted that the expansion was not closer toward the lake and is therefore consistent with Ordinance requirements. Paul indicated that the current structure is just one room not including a porch and the addition will create one bedroom. It was noted that the structure footprint of 480 square feet is small and that included the porch. The application as a whole was approved (Gould / Butler 3-0).

Ron and Samantha Willett
Shoreland Zoning China Lake Outlet Stream
Replacement of Damaged Non-Conforming Structure
Tax Map 23, Lot 7

Ron is proposing to build a new home for his daughter, Samantha, to replace the former home of the French family, which was destroyed by a fire last year at 12 Willow St. Ron is proposing to build on a slab which could eliminate wet basement issues. The former home was about 30 feet from the high water mark at the Outlet Stream, making it a non-conforming structure. Since the new building is on a slab and the former had a basement, the area and volume are considerably less than what previously existed. The new building will have an area of 1200 square feet compared to 2250 square feet of the former structure.

Paul stated that the amended version of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance now allows up to 18 months to rebuild a non-conforming structure and still maintain the grandfathering provisions of the Ordinance. In this situation, the lot size and structure setback requirements cannot be met but are grandfathered so long as the structure is rebuilt within 18 months. Ginny noted that the non-conformity will be reduced. The percentage of the lot in impervious area will be reduced from 25.8% to 20.9%. Although this doesn’t meet the 20% requirement, the lot is grandfathered from meeting it. The new proposal decreases this non-conformity which is consistent with Ordinance requirements. The application as a whole was approved (Gould / Butler 3-0).

The meeting adjourned at 7:30.