Vassalboro Planning Board
October 15, 2013

Ginny Brackett, Chair
Sally Butler
Marianne Hubert
Betsy Poulin
Doug Phillips
Donald Robbins

CEO-D Feeney

Also- Holly Weidner
Conservation Commission

The board met and discussed the items in some detail.
The general feeling is that we could do two separate applications.

There is a concern that if we separate the process to two distinct applications we must be sure that everything necessary is in them

In Draft
Items 1, 2, 3, 4 are considered- OK the way they are presented in Draft.

5. Break out the major and minor subdivision information

Letter to Agencies Town Manager ,Fire Chief- water- sewer etc…
Public Notice is the same for both.

Site inspection is same for both
6. Submission of Waiver

Items to follow:
1. Ok
2. Ok
3. Ok
4. Ok
5. Process.
6. Minor –maybe w/ Performance Standards
7. Major -maybe w/ Performance Standards


Vassalboro Planning Board
Cont 10-15-13 meeting

8. Maybe Performance Standards here?
9. Waivers
10. Revisions to Approval
11. Performance Guarantees
12 NOTE Inspections and_______ Move this up to Section 2
12. Appeals
13. Appendix

Section 9.
Performance Standards –NOTE rename Heading
9.1 Purpose & Procedure
9.1. 1 thru 9.1.5
Pollution- This will be first item
9.2.2 Standards
A. Water Pollution ______Include in Major and Minor
B. Air Pollution ______ Include in Major and Minor
9.3 Sufficient Water Include in Major and Minor
9.4 Soil Erosion Include in Major and Minor
9.5 Traffic Conditions needs to be split out
9.6 Sewerage Disposal Include in Major and Minor
9.7 Solid Waste Include in Major and Minor
9.8 Aesthetic, Cultural
And Natural Values Split out
9.9 Conformance with Local
9.10 Financial & Technical Include in Major and Minor
Capacity Major Only
9.11 Surface water Include in Major and Minor
9.12 Impact on Groundwater
Quality or Quantity Split out
B. Ground Water Quality
2. Shall not result in lowering water table - Split out ?
9.13 Floodplain Include in Major and Minor
9.14 Freshwater Wetlands Include in Major and Minor
9.15 Farmland (mostly mapping) Include in Major and Minor
9.16 River, Stream or Brook Move this to map requirements
9.17 Stormwater Management ***add - “Follow State Requirements”
9.18 Lake Phosphorus Concentration- Include in Major and Minor
9.19 Spaghetti Lots -------add “Prohibited” Include in Major and Minor
9.20 Impact on Adjoining Community- Include in Major and Minor

9.21 Lands Subject to Liquidation
Harvesting Include in Major and Minor
9, 22 30-A $$4405. Access to Direct Sunlight Include in Major and Minor

Next Meeting Subdivision Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday October 29th at 7:00


Doug- Check with Gwen Hilton to make sure she can attend and get the revisions back to us as soon as possible to review.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 Pm