Meeting of October 6th, 2015
7:00 PM
Vassalboro Town Hall

Board Members Present: Ginny Brackett, Chair; Betsy Poulin, Doug Phillips

Public: Mary Grow; Robert Greig, Michael Jones, Patricia Jones, Scott Downie, Michael Fisher, and Monica Fisher

Staff: Richard Dolby

1. Call Planning Board Meeting to order.

2. Approval of previous minutes: (with spelling corrections noted)

September 1st, 2015,
Motion Doug Phillips 2nd Betsy Pullen Action Passed

a.) Minor Site Review (Machine Shop)
Michael & Monica Fisher
Map 8 Lot 13 B

b.) Minor Site Review (Auto Sales)
Michael & Patricia Jones (d/b/a G&G Auto)
24 Webber Pond Rd.
Map 1 Lot 129

c.) Minor Modification to an existing sub-division
Cross Hill Rd. - Echo Hill
Robert W. Greig

d.) Shoreland Zoning Workshop – letter from Selectmen
Discussion regarding ordinance updating process, resulted in the Board agreeing to contact the Town Manager and review the complexity of issues with the Selectman.

3. Adjourned, 8:40 P.M.

Attached are three documents that are part of the record of this meeting:

a.) Record of the Minor Site Review for item a,
b.) Record of the Minor Site Review for item b,
c.) Record of the Minor Modification of the existing sub-division, item c.

Respectfully Submitted

Richard A. Dolby, CEO