Minutes of:
Vassalboro Planning Board
Meeting of October 02, 2012

Ginny Brackett, Chair_________X
Sally Butler _________X
Marianne Hubert _________X
Doug Phillips _________X
George Gould _________X
Vacant _________X

Previous of minutes reviewed
June 05, 2012 Approved as presented George/Marianne -All
July 03, 2012 Approved as presented Doug/George-All
August (no Meeting)
September 04, 2012 Approved as presented George/Sally-All

(1) Site Review
Map 23- Lot 004-3
Nicole Wasilewski/ Applicant -Present
Building Owner Raymond Breton-Present
Map needs the following which Ms. Wasilewski added
Map is to be retained by Town
Name of Owner
Name of Operator
North arrow
Location and dimensions
Sign 4x5 on post existing signage will be used but faces changed.
Not in Shoreland
Not in Subdivision
Map approved as drawn- George/sSally

***Moved-George as complete application/seconded by Doug- all in favor

Nicole Wasilewski has 13 yrs of experience as dental hygienist
Broad based client list
Preventative services
Fluoride treatments no x-rays at this point may be added at some point
Operation will be 4 days of week 7:30-2:00 usually some later appt but not after 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays 8-2 (by appointment)

Handicapped Bathroom needs to be installed
Counter top
Site will have only two chairs for now.

Site Plan
Chair went through the entire checklist item by item:
1. Vehicular loading- George/Sally- all in favor
2. Height- George/Sally –all in favor
3. Landscaping-George/Marianne-all in favor
4. Sewer /solid waste disposal- George/Marianne-all in favor
5. Storm-water-George/Sally-all in favor
6. Soil Erosion-George/Marianne –all in favor
7. Hazard to Motorist - exterior lighting- moved by George/Marianne-all in favor
8. Financial Capacity- leased property owner has sufficient financing to do project.- George/Marianne-All in favor
9. Access for emergency vehicles-George/Sally-all in favor
10. Noise, Odor, Vibrations, fumes, dust, glare or other causes-George/Marianne-all in favor
Chair called for a vote of the application as submitted.
George Gould moved to accept followed by Sally Butler to second a vote was taken All Approved to grant the applicant approval of her project.

(2) Shoreland Zoning Application
Dana Delano 287 Patterson Road
Dresden Maine
Construction at 146 Dam Road Vassalboro

After review of the submittal it was voted to Table the application of Mr. Delano until Mr. Delano can be present to discuss his application there were questions that the board felt needed his direction on. George/Doug -all in favor to table.
Code Official will call/mail Mr. Delano to notify him of the boards action. (Phone attempt failed) Mailing out letter on 10/09/12

Doug -questioned whether there is a data base for all holding tanks in Vassalboro.
Code not aware of one but will enquire with the State as they must be registered.

Changes were made to the draft that was presented and it will be redone to reflect those changes and resubmitted to Board via e-mail

Next Meeting will be November 13th due to elections on the 6th

Adjourned at 8:30 pm –voted and approved.