Vassalboro Planning Board
682 Main Street
Vassalboro, Maine 04962




Minutes for November 1, 2001

Ginny Brackett, Chair
Sally Butler
Maryanne Hubert
George Gould
Doug Phillips absent
Leon Cummings absent

Ginny called meeting to order at 7:05 PM

1. Minutes of October 04, 2011 approved as presented

2.Site Review

Needs Plan to scale
Needs Parking plan showing availability of up to 10 spaces
No Application presented.
Tabled until December 06, 2011

Richard Bradstreet requesting a lot line change within his subdivision
After some discussion it was moved by George Maryanne Second -all approved

Leo Barnett
Mr. Barnett wants to add 4 lots to existing subdivision at old Meadow Road.

No application or fee was submitted.
1. Need to have letter from DOT that road work required along Riverside Drive is satisfactory including entrance to Old Meadow Road
2. Letter from Gene Fields as to acceptability of newly paved road will be required.
3. Return receipt from all abutters
4. Lenghth of road needs to be included .
Boundary Survey
There appears to be an issue with the lot lines according to representative of Sturgess Farm LLC . Mr. Barnett and Sturgess LLC need to have the issue resolved prior to this coming back to Planning Board.

Tabled until next meeting.


3. Mainemadesleds

Site plan is complete and accepted.

Explanation of notes below.George/Sally Accepted = George Gould made a motion seconded by another person it was voted upon by committee and approved

A. The Final Plan shall be drawn to scale of not less than one (1”) inch equals (50’)
feet, and shall contain the following:
1. Name and address of owner and applicant. George Sally/Accepted
2. Scale and north arrow. George/Sally Accepted
3. Location, dimensions, and acreage of parcel to be built upon. George /Sally Accepted
4. Existing contours at intervals of not more than ten (10') feet and
proposed contours at intervals of not more than five (5')
feet. The Board may waive this requirement or require closer
contour intervals depending on the nature of the project.
George/ Maryanne Accepted
5. The size, shape, and location of existing and proposed buildings. George/Maryanne Accepted
6. The location and dimensions of existing and proposed parking
areas, loading and unloading facilities, and points of ingress and
egress of vehicles to and from the site to public streets. George/Maryanne Accepted
7. Location of all existing and proposed easements and rights-of-way. George/Sally Accepted
8. Location and dimension existing and proposed of pedestrian
access ways. George/Sally Accepted
9. Location and size of existing and proposed water and sewer mains,
culverts, and storm drains. George/Sally Accepted
10. Location of existing and proposed outdoor lighting. No change-George /Maryanne Accepted
11. Location of natural features such as watercourses, marshes, rock
out-cropping, and stands of trees. Maryanne/George Accepted

12. Landscape plan showing location and type of existing and
proposed plantings and screenings. Maryanne/George Accepted
13. Location and size of existing and proposed signs and advertising
features. Maryanne/George Accepted
14. Any other provisions contained in the Town of Vassalboro's
Subdivision N/A
Regulations or Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, whenever applicable.
15. Due to the nature of the project, the Planning Board may require
one or more additional plan contents as specified in the “Site Plan
Content – Major’, Section VIII.
B. A narrative, with supporting data, shall be required to address the
environmental suitability of the chosen site to support the proposed
development. This may require the use of appropriate qualified
profession(s). This narrative shall address the standards as listed in
Section IX.

Application- Approval Motion Maryanne/George All in Favor to Approve

Discussion on Subdivision Ordinance Review

Due to the lenghth of regular Planning Board Meetings a special meeting will be held on December 20,2011 to work on the subdivision Ordinance.

Meeting adjourned-9:15 PM