Meeting of May 3rd, 2016
7:00 PM
Vassalboro Town Hall

Board Members Present:
_X_ Ginny Brackett, Chair; _X_ Betsy Poulin, __ Doug Phillips,
_X_ John Philips, _X_ Sally Butler, _X_ Paul Breton, Alt.

Public: _X_ Mary Grow, Town Line Reporter
a.) Ray Breton
b.) Dana Watson
c.) Robert Estes

Staff: _X_ Richard Dolby, CEO

1. Call Planning Board Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

2. The Board reviewed the minutes of the meeting held: __________, 2016 and ( __ approved them as submitted, _X_ approved them with corrections as noted).
John Philips was not in attendance on 4/5/16;
Line 7; “fire” should have been “five”.
Moved: Betsy Poulin, Seconded: Paul Breton Accepted

3. Cornerstone Christian Church (addition)
Dana Watson and Robert Estes provided a brief narrative of the project scope. The Board examined the submission and found the materials complete, a record of the Boards review of the individual performance standards is attached under separate cover. The project was approved with conditions. Because this is a phased project they were advised if the project was not completed within a one year period they could return and request an extension.

4. Old Mill Place LLC

i.) Shoreland zoning application involving a demolition, building replacement with relocation, and a Change of Use between two permitted uses in a shoreland zone.

ii.) Shoreland zoning – expansion of structure by 15%

existing house 1,359 + garage 672 = total 2,031
2,031 / 100 * 15 = 304
2,335 existing total

new recreational structure 26’ x 70’ = 1,820
new gazebo 20’ x 24’ = 480
2,300 new total

Review and voting two (2) records attached.

5. Brandon & Larisa Batchelder; 371 Main St. - antiques sales
The Board reviewed application submission and noted the lack of a site plan; the Board tabled the review to allow the applicant time to prepare and submit the required site plan.

6. Bernard, Jodi & Finn Welch; Stream Side Farm agreed to wait until June to finalize their review due to the lateness of the hour.

7. The Board moved to adjourn and voted to accept the motion.

8. Adjourned, 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Richard A. Dolby, CEO