Minutes of May 03 2011
Planning Board Meeting
7:00 p.m.
Vassalboro Town Office


Ginny Brackett, Chair _X__ George Gould _X__
Leon Cummings _X__ Sally Butler ____
Doug Phillips _X_ Vacancy ____

Chair began meeting @ 7:00 p.m.

Minutes of April 5, 2011
Approved with changes. (Date)

Site Review/Auto Sales
Dennis Spaulding
244 Main Street
Vassalboro ME. 04962
Map 011 Lot 037

A. The Final Plan shall be drawn to scale of not less than one (1”) inch equals (50’) feet, and shall contain the following:
1. Name and address of owner and applicant.
2. Scale and north arrow.
3. Location, dimensions, and acreage of parcel to be built upon.
4. Existing contours at intervals of not more than ten (10') feet and proposed contours at intervals of not more than five (5') feet. The Board may waive this requirement or require closer
contour intervals depending on the nature of the project.
5. The size, shape, and location of existing and proposed buildings.
6. The location and dimensions of existing and proposed parking areas, loading and unloading facilities, and points of ingress and egress of vehicles to and from the site to public streets.
Incl and driveway openings are added 30’ and 31’
7. Location of all existing and proposed easements and rights-of-way.
8. Location and dimension existing and proposed of pedestrian access ways.
9. Location and size of existing and proposed water and sewer mains, culverts, and storm drains.
10. Location of existing and proposed outdoor lighting.
11. Location of natural features such as watercourses, marshes, rock out-cropping, and stands of trees.
12. Landscape plan showing location and type of existing and proposed plantings and screenings.
13. Location and size of existing and proposed signs and advertising features.
14. Any other provisions contained in the Town of Vassalboro's Subdivision Regulations or Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, whenever applicable.
15. Due to the nature of the project, the Planning Board may require one or more additional plan contents as specified in the “Site Plan Content – Major’, Section VIII.
B. A narrative, with supporting data, shall be required to address the environmental suitability of the chosen site to support the proposed development. This may require the use of appropriate qualified profession(s). This narrative shall address the standards as listed in Section IX.

A. The Site Plan shall be approved, unless the Planning Board makes a written finding that the applicant is not able to meet one or more of these standards. In all instances, the burden of proof shall be on the applicant and such burden of proof shall include the production of evidence necessary to complete the application.
1. The provisions for vehicular loading and unloading and parking and for vehicular and pedestrian circulation on the site and onto adjacent public
streets and ways will create no hazards to safety.
Approved 4-0
Internal Vehicular Circulation - The layout of the site must provide for the safe movement of passenger, service and emergency vehicles through
the site.
Approved 4-0
2. The location or height of proposed structures and the proposed uses thereof will not be detrimental to other public or private development in the neighborhood.
Approved 4-0
3. The provision for on-site landscaping provides adequate protection to neighboring properties from detrimental features of the development.
Approved 4-0
4. The proposed use will not impose undue burdens so as to exceed the capacity of the sewers, sanitary and storm drains, water, solid waste, fire protection, or other public facilities.
approved 4-0
5. The Site Plan provides sufficient information to show that storm water will be adequately drained from the site with no adverse impact oh other property or publicly-owned drainage systems.
Approved 4-0
6. Soil erosion and all other adverse impacts on the soil ground water and surface water shall be prevented. Ground water shall not be adversely impacted in quality or quantity.
Approved 4-0
7. The provisions for exterior lighting do not create hazards to motorists traveling on adjacent public streets and are adequate for the safety of occupants or users of the site and such provisions will not damage the value and diminish the usability of adjacent properties.
Approved 4-0
8. An applicant for Site Plan approval has provided evidence of his financial capability to complete the development as planned.
9. The proposed development will not create safety hazards and will provide adequate access for emergency vehicles to the site, and to all buildings on the site.
Approved 4-0
10.The proposed development will not adversely affect the use and enjoyment of abutting property as a result of noise, vibrations, fumes, odor, dust, glare, or other cause.
Approved 4-0

Conditions maximum of 12 vehicles allowed in open site at one time Entrance shal;l be measured and verified (measured at 30’ and 31’ by code officer) signs combined not to exceed 4x3 ft,

Site Review approved by vote 4-0

Repairs in Shoreland Zone to existing structure.
Continued from previous month
Required photo’s of all work before and after.
Approved with the additional information supplied by the applicant(s)
Voted and Approved 4-0

Paul Mitnik by Ginny Brackett
At the request of the Selectmen we need to see if there is an alternative night we can meet to keep Paul on the committee.
Doug said he was a valualble member and we should look at alternatives if they are there.
Leon said his only available night was Tuesday
George agreed and stated any other night would be difficult he is other boards as well
Doug said it would be difficult to change the night for him
Ginny said she was a little more flexible but because he is valuable to this board we need to look at it
Ginny asked Code Officer opinion Mondays not open and Tuesdauy works best as well with other commitments.
Recommendation to leave night of meetings as First Tuesday at 7:00
Move George to full member and search for replacement.
Doug –wants clarification of Liability issue Are members covered or not by Town policy.

Building Permit Fees:

The Selectmen have requested that the Planning Board review area fees and make a recommendation to them on adjusting Vassalboro

The following communities were reviewed.
China Augusta and Durham
After a review the Board voted 4-0 to pass along the following recommendation:
To adopt the Town of China fees for building permits to cover the cost associated with code enforcement.
Next month they will review fees for PB site Review and horeland Zoning and will pass the review along to the Selectmen.

Ginny adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM
Next meeting not set.