MARCH 6TH, 2018
7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present:
X Ginny Bracket, Chair X Doug Phillips X Sally Butler
X Betsy Poulin A John Phillips X Marianne Stevens, Alternate
X Richard Dolby, CEO

1.) Call meeting to order.

2.) Approval of previous minutes.

3.) Leo Barnett
Map 2 Lot 87
Review of application submission
Abutters notification list was presented
Abutters notification; green cards presented
Review of application to construct an additional 28’ X 144’ indoor growing facility and a 28’ X 30’ garage.
Review of site plan
Voting record, attached

4.) Joseph Presti III
Map 10 Lots 2-14
Review of Certificate of Abandonment dissolving the “Country Way Subdivision” Ilona Drive.
Voting record, attached

5.) Jeffery & Erica Bennett
Map 17 Lot 16
Review of Shoreland Zoning Application to construct two (2) residential structures on Sheafer Ln. Both structures are to be located beyond the 100’ minimum setback, each will have a separate subsurface wastewater disposal system, and they will share a single well system.
Abutters list
Abutters notification; green cards
Review of application
Review of site plan
Voting record, attached

6.) Kevin Luczko
Map 11 Lot 46-1
Site Review (Minor) of two (2) proposed businesses:
a.) An automobile repair and sales business with up to 30 vehicles displayed, and
b.) A beauty parlor.
Applicant shall secure approval from MDOT for a driveway entrance.
A 4’ X 8’ sign may be erected with ground mounted lighting.
Security lighting may be maintained that is provided with full cutoff shields.
The beauty parlor shall require prior installation of a bathroom facility with a subsurface wastewater disposal system.

7.) Motion to adjourn

Respectfully submitted

Richard Dolby, CEO, LPI, BI