Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of March 06- 2012

Ginny Brackett, Chair________
Sally Butler ________
Marianne Hubert Absent
Doug Phillips ________
George Gould ________
Leon Cummings ________

Minutes of previous meeting (Feb 07) presented and approved -Doug/George all in favor.

Workshop on Subdivision Ordinance

Chair called meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Leon discussed the differences between a preliminary plan and a final plan and how they repeat each other and what his interpretation of the mission

Ginny raised the issues of the differences between the preliminary plan and the final plan

Doug talked about what the differences between the two plans are in his opinion. And the need for at least 2 meetings for final approval. He believes the object of the committee is to streamline the process, eliminate duplication as they relate to subdivision rules.

Ginny, Minor subdivision has 28 questions that can be answered
Major subdivision is any parcel divided into 4 or more lots and include subdivision roads.

Doug suggested we work through the changes as we have them and then go back and fix the checklist

Discussion on enforcement and it was decided that enough protection already exists in ordinance to cover- special condition placed on applicants are there to insure compliance and that everything that is proposed or approved is done to satisfaction of the Town.

A Discussion on the old mill and it was determined we need to ask Ray Breton the owner to come in with a plan for his renting up the structure. An invitation will go out to him.

I. Leave “B” in
90 days for site review\title 30-A (check)

II. Applicability
Need to review title 36 & 39 see if these issues are still applicable to our ordinances

III. Effective
IV. Conflict
V. Validity/Severability
VI. Amendment
VII. Permitting

At the discretion of the Planning Board any or all parts of a review of 1,2,or 3 can be combined and reviewed in one meeting . However a minimum of 2 Planning Board Meetings must be conducted on each application to receive final Planning Board approval(s).

X. leave as is
Page 8 of Pauls work
Page 6 of original ordinance

E. additional studies
c- Filing of Application
revise page 8
Notification A- page 8

* Note We need to rework this section

Set Meeting time and date
Next meeting April 03,2012 at 7:00 PM in the Town Office