Meeting of March 1st, 2016
7:00 PM
Vassalboro Town Hall

Board Members Present: Ginny Brackett, Chair; Betsy Poulin, Doug Phillips, John Philips, Sally Butler, Paul Breton

Public: Mary Grow, Ray Breton, Jodi Welch, Bernie Welch and John Blumberg

Staff: Richard Dolby

1. Call Planning Board Meeting to order.

2. Applicant
Bernie, Jodi, & Finn Welch d/b/a
Streamside Farm Subdivision
513 Main St.
Map 12, Lot 4

The Board reviewed the requirements for a preliminary subdivision application.

The Board discussed the relationship of subdivision lots vs living spaces with a specific building.

Mr. Blumberg was in disagreement with the separation of lots vs living units, he expressed an opinion that the two should be combined and noted on the site plan collectively. The Board discussed the project and was comfortable with a review of the concept of a project with units separately and chose to move forward with the review.

The Board noted that the site plan did not contain even a basic layout of the building spaces and directed the applicant to either add a second page or insert the layout into the existing document.

The Board found satisfactory information submitted relative to water supply, septic disposal, storm water, floodplain (not Required) culverts, shoreland zoning, deed, well, water quality testing, high intensity soils (not Required), parking spaces (less than 19), traffic (less than 240 trips p/day, timber harvesting (permit obtained).

The Board discussed the definition of a community water supply, it was noted the supply did not serve the prerequisite numbers of services nor individuals as required to fall within the definition.

It was noted that the required letter from the Town Manager was not present, and needed to be obtained.

Mr. Blumberg objected to the term “Farm” being used in the description of the venture, noting that the state has a clear definition of a “Farm” and this venture was not capable of meeting it. The Board discussed the use of the term in the name of the venture and chose to find fault in a name as it was not essential to the project.

A motion was made by Doug Phillips to accept the materials submitted as a preliminary subdivision application. The motion was seconded by Sally Butler, and the Board voted to accept the motion.

It was noted that the letter from the Town would be required before moving on to the evaluation of the Final Subdivision Application.
The final plan will be required to be a “Mylar” capable of being signed and recorded at the registry of deeds.

Doug Phillips moved to table further discussion of the project for submission of the required materials, Seconded by Betsy Poulin, and the Board voted to accept the motion.

3. Adjourned, 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Richard A. Dolby, CEO