Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of March 01, 2011


Ginny Brackett ___Chair X
Sally Butler Absent
Doug Phillips X
George Gould Absent
Paul Mitnik X
Leon Cummings X left @7:30


Meeting called to order@ 7:00 –Chair

Minutes of February 2011 Approved with no changes

1. Subdivision and Site Review
There was a discussion between the members as to the way they will approach updated the Subdivision Ordinance and to what extent. This discussion extended into updating the Checklist and the Major/Minor Site Review
Leon stated he felt what had been discussed and what they were presented are two separate issues Doug agreed that he had similar beliefs as well.\

2. East Vassalboro Water District
Discussion on Public Hearings
Alex Wong of Maine Rural Water Association along with Don Robbins of EVWD were present and discussed with the board how the ordinances need to be updated to include specific language addressing the need for wellhead protection. The board felt it was a larger issue than just including language in the Site Review Ordinance itself and it could not be put to the voters of the June 2011 Town Meeting. This issue will be reviewed by Alex and Code Enforcement to come up with proper language and sections of the existing Ordinances.

3. Discussion on Ordinances with Elizabeth Reuthe and how the Town can get more involvement with the citizens.
Doug feels that we need a workable document now then tackle the entire project
Paul spoke on the lack of standard in the current language

Elizabeth believes the board should advertise the meeting(s) as they develop to get to interested citizens.
Paul mentioned the Conservation Commission invited Elizabeth to attend and speak

There was discussion amongst the members of possibly scheduling a second monthly meeting possibly starting in September.

Next meeting to be held April 05,2011 at 7:00 at the Town Office.

Meeting Adjourned at ( 9:35PM)