Minutes June 25, 2013

Vassalboro Planning Board
Workshop- Subdivision
Gwen Hilton Consultant

Ginny Brackett- Chair_________X
Sally Butler _________X
Marianne Hubert _________X
Betsy Poulin _________X
Doug Phillips _________X
George Gould _________no

Also present Gwen Hilton, consultant
D. Feeney CEO/LPI
. Oath of Office administered to:
Doug Phillips
Sally Butler for new terms to Planning Board by D Feeney

Recommendation- that Minor Site Reviews should be reviewed by CEO only as they are basic small in home business uses not major development

A Checklist needs to be developed to make sure everyone is given the same information and is treated exactly the same way

The Committee worked at the direction of Gwen on the review criteria until 9:30 p.m.

The next regular meeting will be Sept 10th –Planning Board and…
The next meeting on the subdivision will be October 15th. (Changed to represent actual date)
The committee voted that no meeting(s) be conducted in August so they can take vacations.

D. Feeney