Vassalboro Planning Board
June 16, 2015

Present: Doug Phillips (Acting Chair), Sally Butler, and Betsy Poulin

Present not voting: Don Roberts, Alternate;

Absent: Ginny Bracket (Chair), Marianne Hubert

Staff: Richard Dolby, CEO/LPI

Applicants: Bernie & Jodi Welch

Public: Mary Grow

1.) Doug Phillips, Acting Chair called the Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

2.) The minutes of the previous meeting (May 5, 2015) not being available were not approved.

3.) The applicant, Mr. Welch, presented written notices signed by the abutters to the property under consideration. The Board accepted the written notices as sufficient, and Mr. Welch presented his materials for consideration.

Mr. Welch reviewed the preliminary plan application submitted which he had prepared.

The former Volmer’s Nursing Home is being divided into two (2) attached sections, one to be used as a single family residence by the Welch family, the remainder is proposed to become a five (5) unit apartment complex named “Stream Side Farm”.

Mr. Welch presented:

a) a sketch of the Vassalboro tax map identifying the property,
b) a sketch of the site identifying the building location, parking, road access, and an adjacent stream,
c) a floor plan of the proposed apartment section of the building,
d) documentation of the existing subsurface wastewater disposal system,
e) documentation of the existing water supply system.

4.) Acting Chair Doug Phillips, noted that the Planning Board review and approval process is for land use authorization and that the project would then if be required to be reviewed by the code enforcement officer for a building permit.

5.) The code enforcement officer, Dick Dolby, noted that the project is classified as commercial occupancy that requires a submission by a registered architect or engineer with full plans and specifications.

6.) The Board noted the level of detail provided would require professionally prepared site plans, and a survey capable of being recorded in the registry of deeds.

7.) The applicant expressed dismay at the apparent over regulation of what appeared to be a modest change of use.

8.) The applicant was encouraged to seek professional assistance in completing the submission of a preliminary plan application and return it for consideration.

9.) The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.