Town of Vassalboro
Planning Board
Minutes of 06-14-11 Meeting

Ginny Brackett___Chair
George Gould
Sally Butler
Doug Phillips
Marianne Hubert
Leon Cummings-absent

Agenda items:

7:00PM Chair called meeting to order

Chair introduced Marianne Hubert as new member

Approval/ Minutes of previous meeting
Motion by G.Gould all in favor of approval as presented.

Boye Ainsley

Replacement structure within Shoreland Zone Webber Pond
Property consists of 115 setback of Pond
Width is in excess of 280’
Lot size is 80,000 sf
Septic is a multiple use system installed in 2010

George Gould made motion to accept application
Marianne Hubert Seconded.

Boye wants to wait to begin until his property is under contract that he wants to sell before taking this structure down

Ginny mentioned permits are good for 1 year
Total distance back from Webber Pond will be as follows
Structure is 115
109 ft to the deck on Pond side.

Silt fencing or berm required to prevent all mud sand/debris from entering the pond.
Once Project is started it will continue until complete is a condition
Mr. Ainsley agreed to this.

Marianne wants the buffer replanted
Or a rain garden installed.
Doug we can suggest this but we cannot require it,

Ginny Bracket called for vote.
All infavor/0 opposed
Other business:

Doug wants verification of coverage for liability.
Dan will provide it before next meeting.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:00