Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of June 5, 2007

Planning Board: Virginia Bracket, George Gould, Doug Phillips, Sally Butler, Jay Nutting
CEO: Paul Mitnik,
Public: Galen Brackett, Dan Bizier, Erika Hawksley, Meaghan Brown, Amber Ferland, Kylee Roberge, Tim G, Taryn Gary, Ashley Richardson, Darcy Siverson, Isaac Pollard Leo Barnett, Gary Coull

The meeting opened at 7:01.

Review of May Minutes: George motioned to accept the May minutes as presented. Ginny seconded. All in favor.

Lee Lemieux, Contractor
John Boyne Residence at Webber Pond
120 Jones Rd
Shoreland Zoning - Expansion of a Non-Conforming Structure
Tax Map 19, Lot 35

Lee Lemieux was heard first representing John Boyne. The Boyne residence at 120 Jones Rd is a non-conforming structure as defined by Vassalboro’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (within 100 feet of the high water mark), being only five feet of the high water mark at Webber Pond. An expansion of the structure is proposed. Lee explained that he is the contractor doing the work for Mr. Boyne. The upstairs of the structure will be expanded to allow more head room. Currently there is only 4 feet of height from the loft floor to the top of the gables in the middle of the loft.

Lee explained that he was originally planning to add three to four feet of height to the wall but that exceeded the 15% expansion to volume. Vassalboro’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance limits expansions to non-conforming structures to 15% of the lesser of area and volume. The floor area will not change. Paul and Lee met at the Boyne residence last Friday to figure out what could be allowed.

Sally asked which lot was being expanded and Paul confirmed lot 35. A 15% expansion was approved for the adjoining lot 36 also owned by the Boynes, but there was no evidence of an expansion on lot 35. A single well and septic system serves both lots.

Ginny asked specific questions about the expansion. Lee explained the pitch in the roof will be changed from a 10/12 to a 12/12 which will result in about 6.5 feet in the middle of the gables. Dormers will be added to both sides. The dormers will be limited to 10 feet in width and the box three feet in height. Was this within 15% of the volume increase? Paul confirmed that the changed pitch in roof added about 8% and the dormers about 7%. Paul and Lee presented additional sketches to clarify the changes, visually that were passed around to Planning Board members.

Doug indicated that the permit should be conditioned to keeping debris away from the water side of the residence, since it is located so close to the high water mark (five feet). Doug made a motion to approve the application conditioned as indicated. Seconded by George. All in favor.

Discussion of Subdivision Plans

A general discussion ensued on what should be included on subdivision plans and some of the problems recently encountered with Subdivision approvals. George brought up the point of inadequacy of roads in some of the subdivisions. The road plans were not always being followed. Another problem sometimes occurs when subdivisions are sold and a public rather than a private road is desired. Doug indicated that the Road Ordinance indicates that there should not be a significant difference in design criteria of public Vs private roads other than public roads are paved.

Paul brought up the point that there should be regular scheduled inspections required. Without such inspections, enforcement is difficult since there is no specific time table when the project will begin. Gary indicated that sometimes required widenings of state roads are not always adequate or occurring as required giving the example of Riverview Heights Subdivision. The condition of the subdivision permit was that the widening was to occur before the road was constructed but it didn’t. The wells were probably not put back from the road as far as possible which was another permit condition.

Gary indicated another problem was sometimes a subdivision is just a small part of a large parcel of land and as the subdivision gets expanded, the original road may no longer be adequate. Doug brought up the issue of dividing of subdivisions. Some applicants are claiming that the first dividing or lot is not actually part of the subdivision when it really should be.

Doug indicated that key points should be identified on the plan. There were four points that Ginny recorded that should be on the Subdivision Plan.

1. A road should be indicated on the plan as private or public
2. Road designs need to be engineered by a professional
3. The Town Office needs to be notified before construction begins and in phases
4. Roads need to be inspected by the Road Commissioner in different phases

Ginny indicated that the inspections by the road commissioner would have to be authorized by Mike Vashon, the Town Manager

The next Planning Board Meeting will be Tuesday, June 26.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05