Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of June 3, 2008

Planning Board: George Gould, Gary Coull, Ginny Brackett, Sally Butler, Doug Phillips
CEO: Paul Mitnik,
Public: Ed and Kate Pineau, Sue Briggs, Dave Jenney, Jim Heckman, Mary Grow

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM.

Review of May 6 Minutes: Doug motioned to accept the May 6 Minutes. George seconded. All in favor.

Ed Pineau
Shoreland Zoning, Webber Pond
Seasonal Conversion and Replace Foundation.
Tax Map 16B, Lot 19&20

Ed and Kate Pineau are proposing to convert a seasonal non-conforming residence located at 132 Arnold Rd to year round use. A frost wall four feet in height will replace posts current supporting the residence. Since the height of the crawl space under the home will not exceed four feet in height, it is not habitual area and not considered an expansion. The home will not be expanded. They cannot move the home back further away from the Webber Pond high water mark, because the septic tank is behind the home. There was an error on the original site plan indicating the length of the home is 36 feet. It is actually forty feet. This was corrected on the Town’s copy of the application.

The Pineau’s are also planning to construct a garage which can be permitted by the CEO in the future since it will be more than 100 feet from the lake.

The septic system was replaced in 1992. It is sized for three bedrooms which is adequate for the existing structure. The application was approved by motion of George and seconded by Sally. All in favor.

Sue Briggs
Site Review Inquiry
Wind Mill at Residence
Tax Map 12, Lot 9-1

Sue Briggs is inquiring whether or not a Site Review Permit is needed for a wind mill planned for her residence located at 593 Main St. The wind mill will be timber framed and approximately 33 feet high. The power received from the wind mill will be used strictly for home use and will not be connected to the grid. The wind mill is experimental and is designed by Greenwich Wind Farms. The Board determined that since the wind mill use is strictly residential, a site review permit is not necessary. A Shoreland Zoning Permit will be need, since the wind mill will be within 250 feet of the China Lake Outlet Stream. Since the wind mill will be located greater than 100 feet from the high water mark, the CEO can permit this.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Land Use Table

The remainder of the meeting was used discussing the land use table of Vassalboro’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance which is currently being revised. It was noted that some of the items within the table of the State Guidelines can be omitted. In general, the table is difficult to read due to the 35 items is crammed into one page. The three columns headed by SP, GD, and CFMA can be omitted, since Vassalboro will not have these three districts within their Ordinance.

In item 5, the clearing or removal of vegetation, it was decided that the CEO should issue permit for this in all districts. The guidelines proposed that a permit is not needed in the limited residential district. In item 15, under one and two family residential structures, the Planning Board wants to retain authority for permitting. The Guidelines propose to have the CEO issue permits for this. Most of the other items the Guidelines looked ok. Doug mentioned that maybe seasonal conversions should be scrutinized more than what happens now and we may have to think on that some for the next round.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.