As approved @ August 3rd Meeting


Town of Vassalboro
Planning Board
Minutes of July13, 2010

Members Present: Sally Butler, Leon Cummings, George Gould, Paul Mitnik
Members Absent: Doug Phillips

Public: Tim Downing, Ilona Riesel, Kevin Easler, Bob Greig, Lauchlin Titus, David Jenney, Kane Coffin

The meeting began at 7:00 PM

Selectmen Lauchlin Titus opened the meeting and made introductions of new Planning Board members and Code Officer, and suggested the members start by either selecting or voting on a chair.

Member’s decision was to have Paul Mitnik as temporary chair for this evening with a possible vote for chair at next meeting.
Minutes of last meeting accepted but will be voted on at next meeting
Mitnik asked if Gould who is the alternate member could come to all meetings.

Scheduled Business:
1. Tim Downing

Mr. Downing was present to speak on the possibility of erecting a wind generator to supply power at his business` Duratherm Window Corp
His current design calls for an 80’ tall tower with 26’ wide blades on an 16’x8’x ‘4 base
Paul recommended he look at the criteria for actual application specifically #8 financial capacities, #9 Safety Hazards, #10 Proposal.
A brief discussion was help between Mr. Downing and Mr. Creig
No action of board was taken:

2. Bruce Shorey

Mr. Shorey wants to demolish the existing boat house and rebuild it as a storage building on China Lake.
Asking to be allowed to construct a new building of 15’x18’- 15’x20’ but plan to rebuild on existing footprint with possibility of moving it 4-6’ away from shore.
After debate it was voted and approved to allow him to replace structure but leave it in place with an 18 mo. Window to tear down and replace with no more than 60 days to reconstruct as far as possible from shore. Voted 4-0

3. Kevin Easler

Mr. Easler wants to rebuild room system on existing camp on Webber Pond.
Mr. Mitnik had previously met with Mr. Easler and taken measurements as CEO.
It was determined that the expansion re: volume was still within the allowable 15 %( incl. previous expansion in 2002.) Therefore it would bring his property to a total of 14.4%
1. The board found the application complete.
2. The Board voted on motion of Sally Butler to allow work to commence.
Voted 4-0

4. Tracey McKenney

The McKenny’s want to use an existing way to access their property off Hannaford Hill Road instead of one that would be further away from the RP zone as previously discussed with CEO. The existing way is within 40’ of the Resource Protection Zone. After a lengthy discussion it was determined that a site visit would be necessary and one is scheduled for 8:00 AM on Tuesday July 20th
Tabled until next meeting pending out come of site visit.

5. Tom Bouchard

Did not appear

6. Todd Overlock

Did not appear
Mr. Mitnik informed CEO to do a follow-up to see if Mr. Overlock plans on making application.

7. Robert Greig

Revision to existing subdivision
Caron Lane at Echo Hill
Requests change from 5-2unit condo buildings to 5 single family dwellings. Split another adjacent lot owned by wife
Wants to remain gravel road.
Incomplete application from ES Coffin
Owner will re submit for August.
Kane Coffin came in after it was tabled and Mr. Greig had left.

8. Leon Cummings

* note Mr. Cummings left the dais to address the application from audience.

A review of his proposed subdivision prompted the following be included for next months review.
Abutter Notification
HHE200 Forms for all lots

Evidence of sufficient groundwater
Erosion/Sediment Plan
Letter to Historic Preservation Commission/response
Letter to Inland Fisheries
Town Manager letter
Fire Dept Letter
Establishment of legal entity
Road Plan
Phosphorus Impact Analysis
Performance guarantee.

Adjournment at 8:50

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Feeney CEO



Date approved