Vassalboro Planning Board
July 09, 2013

1. Ginny Brackett_______Chair_____X
Sally Butler _____X
Marianne Hubert _____X
Betsy Poulin _____X
Don Robbins _____X

2 Minutes of Previous meeting –none available

3.Shoreland Zoning Permit

Gayle Miller
Map 8 Lot 23
Repair to retaining wall
Need dimensions of distances from dwelling to water(Bulkhead)placed on topo
Passed 4/0 with condition

4. Filipowicz
Minor Subdivision
Map 17 Lot 14 &
Map 18 Lots 2,3
Preliminary review
David Wendell appeared for the owners as the site evaluator and surveyor.
There are some issues with the separation of the existing lots and the CEO was asked to correspond with MMA on nonconforming lots of record.

Board questioned the subdivision of non conforming lots in same ownership and want CEO to correspond with MMA on the issue.
Page 10 E. # 2
There are issues with frontage and frontage road definitions

Mr. Wendell is to discuss the issues and will reschedule with the Planning Board at a later date.

5. James and Linda D’Angelo
Map 05- Lot 069
772- Cross Hill Road
Farm Building and Business
Review of application found it was complete
Marianne made the motion Doug second - all agreed
Ginny went thru performance Standards under MINOR site Review
On a one by one motion
All conditions were reviewed and approved by majority.
Motion to Approve-Doug and seconded by Marianne- All in Favor

6. Summit Natural Gas Co. LLC.
Site Review
Maine Valve Line
Map 2 Lot 79
Sara Nicholson (Woodard Curran)
Seeking approval for gas shut off valve above ground on Holman Day rd and Rt. 201.
All conditions met and approved as presented =Voted all in favor

7. Other business- No Meeting to be scheduled in August (Vacation)

8. adjourn -9:30