JULY 7, 2020
7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Ginny Bracket, Chair, Sally Butler, Betsy Poulin,
Staff: Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI, BI, AO
Public: Peter Ditmanson; Kara Moody, David Kane, Stantec; Mary Grow, Town Line

1.) June 2, 2020 Minutes
The Minutes were approved by motion of Betsy Poulin, seconded by Sally Butler 3-0.

2.) A. Applicant Name: Maine DG Holdings LLC
Project Type: Major Site Plan Review
Location Riverside Drive
Map 4, Lot 4

A proposal for a 4.6 Mw ground mounted solar array encompassing 26 acres and surrounded by a seven (7) foot high fence.
Planning Board Review Completeness

Open discussion of proposal

Project Completeness
Major Project Section VIII of Site Review Ordinance
1. Name and address of applicant Included
2. Scale and north arrow Included
3. Location, dimensions, and acreage of parcel Included
4. Existing and proposed contours Contours were provided on the site plan illustrating existing conditions. However no contours were provided on the site plan illustrating proposed conditions in the area of the solar array. David Kane indicated that some leveling on this area would be necessary. The final elevations would be determined for the DEP Stormwater permitting. Peter Ditmanson, a land abutter, was concerned about possible runoff to a stream near his property from the grading. David Kane indicated that the wetland delineations revealed no streams on the property.
5. Size, shape, and location of existing and proposed buildings Existing buildings included; no buildings are proposed.
6. Parking of vehicles Most of criteria not applicable. Access driveway and parking for a couple of vehicles will be constructed.
7. Location of existing and proposed easements and right of ways None
8. Location and dimensions of all existing and proposed pedestrian access ways None
9. Location and size of existing and proposed water and sewer mains, culverts and storm drains. Culvert included on plan on access driveway; everything else not applicable
10. Location of existing and proposed outdoor lighting None proposed
11. Location of natural features such as watercourses, marshes, rock out-cropping, and stands of trees. Wetlands were delineated by wetland scientists. CEO Mitnik indicated that none of the land is zoned as shoreland, due to wetlands being under 10 acres.
12. Landscape plan showing the location and type of all existing and proposed plantings and screenings Some buffering is provided to north by a naturally wooded area. No plantings or additional buffering are proposed. A landscape plan is required by ordinance as are buffers or screenings from neighboring properties.
13. Location of existing and proposed signs. Only sign proposed would be on gate identifying the site; not visible from Route 201.
14. Any provisions contained in Vassalboro Subdivision Ordinance Not applicable
15. Any other provisions deemed necessary by Board None
16. Impact to wellhead protection area; East Vassalboro Not Applicable.

Motion to: Approve; __ Deny
Motion by: BP
Seconded By: SB
Tabled; 3-0

The application was determined to be incomplete due to the following:
1. The site plan did not contain any information on proposed contours in the area of the solar array. Section VIII (A)(4) of Vassalboro’s Site Review Ordinance requires that existing contours and proposed contours be included on the site plan.
2. The site plan did not contain the location of existing and proposed plantings and screenings as required in Section VIII(A)(12) of Vassalboro’s Site Review Ordinance. This section indicates that landscaping must be provided as part of the site design.

3.) CEO Report
Paul infirmed the Board that he had planned to discuss some enforcement cases but decided to put this on hold to a future meeting when more Board meetings were present. A case at 1014 main St involving garbage and trash at a property was briefly discussed.
Adjourn 8:15 PM
Respectfully submitted Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI, BI, AO