Minutes of Meeting
July 03-12

Town Of Vassalboro
Planning Board
682 Main Street

Ginny Brackett, Chair________
Sally Butler ________
Doug Phillips ________
Marianne Hubert ___Excused_____
George Gould ________
Vacant ________

***Minutes of June 05, 2012
A. Hold June Minutes for September meeting Board needs clarification as to which lots were Town acquired and designated with lot numbers.

1. Voted to move Marianne Hubert to full member with voting privileges

2. Site Review
Robert Hawk
Map 07 lot 83-1
541 Bog Road
Vegetable Stand at Residence.
The Board went thru the criteria for a minor Site Plan Review and had only 2 items that needed review.
a. Road site view to be reviewed by the road foreman and or MDOT and agreed that if favorable report then to allow the stand with second condition. Sign be high enough or placed outside of the view-shed of vehicles along the way to allow safe movement of vehicles from driveway to Bog Rd and vice-versa.

3. Other Business- none

4. Schedule of next meeting Voted to not meet in August and set September 04, as date of next meeting 7p.m.

5. Voted to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.