Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of July 1, 2008


The meeting opened at 7:00 pm

Present: Virginia Brackett, Sally Butler, Doug Phillips, Jay Nutting, Gary Coull and George Gould.
Also Present:  Mary, Nick and Jody Jose, and Greg

Review of June 3, 2008 Minutes:  George motioned to accept the minutes of June 3, 2008 as written.  Gary seconded.  All in favor.

Jody Jose – Map 6, Lot 26:    Jody came before the board asking for permission to convert the old power house near the Webber Pond dam, estimated to be built in the 1800’s., to a year round residence and workshop. The property is 1.1 acre.  . It has to come before the board because the building is 150’ from the water instead of the required 250’.  He would be adding to the rear of the building. o He would be installing a septic system  Doug asked for dimensions to be put on the plot plan.   After brief discussion, George moved that the application was complete.  Gary seconded.  All in favor.  George motioned to approve the application as presented.  Gary seconded.  All in favor.

Nick Jose – Map 6, Lot 33:  Nick came before the board asking permission to open a paint ball business at 647 Webber Pond Road.  He purchased the business from Robert
Picard, Riverside Drive.  Ginny asked if there was a fence.  There will be 3 fenced in areas which won’t be visible from the road.  You would only see netting from the road.  The area will be in the location of the Christmas trees.  A 250’ sq. area will be utilized.
Nick passed in the green cards showing abutters were notified.  There is currently an 8x10 shed to house equipment.  Ginny questioned parking issues.  The parking lot is on the plan behind barn and has existed for years. Ginny verified all info was on the plan presented.  George moved the application was complete.  Jay 2nd.  All in favor.
Ginny read the Performance Standards – Minor found on pg 11 of the Site Review Ordinance.  The votes read as follows:

1.George moved that the site plan met the standards, Sally 2nd.  All in favor.
Doug questioned the location of the sign and concerned about people parking
On Briers Way.  He wanted a condition that no parking will be on Briers Way.
Doug motioned that conditions are met with the exception that no parking will
      be allowed on Briers Way. Gary 2nd.  All in favor.
2.George motioned to accept.  Jay 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
3.George motioned to accept.  Gary 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
4.George motioned to accept.  Gary 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
5.George motioned to accept.  Jay 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
6.George motioned to accept.  Doug 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
7.George motioned to accept.  Jay 2nd.   Jay felt that Nick would need to come back if he was to put in any lighting.  Nick asked about black lights.  He would only have to come back if it is for bright lights.  With no motion made, All voted in favor
8.George motioned to accept.  Doug 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
9.George motioned to accept.  Jay 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
10.George motioned to accept.  Gary 2nd.  No discussion.  All in favor.
George moved to accept all as presented.  Doug 2nd.  All in favor

Greg O’Hallaran – Map 9, Lot 31:   Greg was present asking the board for an extension of the original deadline of July 1, 2009 to remove debris from the poultry barn.  The barn was demolished in March.  A call was placed to DEP because Greg wanted to have the debris burnt but was concerned of what the barn was made out of.  Asbestos was found.
Greg said a remediation plan was applied for and had a plan for approval.  He now has a few piles of debris left with about 98% wood and 2% asbestos.  Greg said the piles need to now be put in dumpsters and taken to Norridgewock.  Greg is asking for a 60 extension for a final cleanup date.  Doug asked if anything was being buried on site.  Greg said none was buried.  Greg said the concrete flooring would be used at a later time for personal use such as in driveways.  Doug asked if a letter from DEP was given to Paul Mitnik CEO.   Greg wasn’t sure be know Paul was “in the loop” with DEP.   Doug asked if lots were sold.  Greg said 4 lots have been sold.  George asked about the well.  Greg said it was located across the street.   George moved to extend the deadline for another 60 days.  Jay 2nd.  Doug wanted to make sure the Paul receives a letter from DEP regarding the cleanup efforts.  Gary motioned to amend the original motion with the condition that
all DEP information is in Paul’s file.  Sally 2nd  All in favor.

Also on the Agenda tonight was William Pullen – Minor Site Review and Norm Ouellette – Minor Site Review.  Neither party was in attendance.

With no other business, George moved to adjourn at 7:40 pm, Jay 2nd.  All in favor


Cathy St. Pierre