JANUARY 9th, 2018
7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present:
X Ginny Bracket, Chair X Doug Phillips X Sally Butler
X Betsy Poulin X John Phillips X Marianne Stevens, Alternate

X Richard Dolby, CEO

Public: Mr. & Mrs John Boyne
Chris Ficker, Contractor
James Kilbride

1.) Call meeting to order.

2.) Approval of previous minutes.

3.) Applicant #1 John Boyne

Review of application submission
The applicant noted the condition of the property, Mr. Ficker noted the building was scheduled to be removed and replaced with a structure on a frost wall. The new structure would be equal in size to the existing structure with an additional 15% increase. The structure would also be relocated to the rear of its existing location and the setback to the neighbor’s property would also be increased voluntarily

Abutters list
Abutters notification; green cards (submitted)
Review of application & Site plan
The PB noted the increased size and after careful discussion a motion to approve the relocation and reconstruction of a replacement structure of 960 Sq. Ft. with a maximum height of 20’ was proposed by Doug Phillips and seconded by Sally Butler. The PB voted all in favor.

Voting record, attached

4.) James Kilbride advised the Board of the on-going renovation to St. Bridget’s as an Assembly occupancy to serve primarily as a community center. He noted that the location may also be used as a farmer’s market. The project scope is the first floor and the parking area to support it. The lower floor although usable is not ADA compliant at this time. The owner’s will move ahead with preparing a Minor Site Review Application. This phase of the project will allow them to establish the support for their venture and evaluate if future expansion into the lower floor is warranted and economically feasible.

5.) The Board reviewed the submitted Building Permit Ordinance and discussed the updating of the document.

There was support to remove the municipal setback associated with subsurface waste disposal systems and follow those established by the State of Maine Department of Health Engineering.

The rational for including MUBEC information was reviewed and found relevant, the permit application criteria was noted as redundant. Those uses permitted to be built without a permit were reviewed. It was noted that the size of accessory structure would be increased to 200 Sq. Ft. from 100, in keeping with MUBEC.

The difficulty with advertising a “no permit rule” would continue to compound shoreland zoning violations in regard to setbacks and foster the concept that Shoreland Zoning activity doesn’t require strict PB review.

The PB will review a draft of the changes at it’s next meeting with an eye to a joint meeting with the Board of Selectmen in March.

6.) Motion to adjourn

Respectfully submitted

Richard Dolby, CEO, LPI, BI