Minutes of January 08, 2013
Vassalboro Planning Board


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1. 7:00 P.M.
Meeting called to order by Chair

2. Site Review
Cyn Environmental
The Board reviewed the application to store bulk virgin antifreeze and windshield washer solvents in interior tanks at the location. No one from Cyn Environmental was available to attend the meeting. After some discussion the Board tabled the application until such time that they could get answers to approx 10-11 questions.


Questions and Response
Cyn Environmental Services
Planning Board Meeting 01-08-12
1.   The Vessels or tanks to be used to house the antifreeze and windshield washer solvent are the open or closed systems?   All tanks are closed (NOT open top) tanks. 
2.   Are they single walled or double?   One of the eight are double wall; the remainder are heavy gauge, single wall, polyethylene.  
3.   Do they have the proper dam around them?   ALL of the tanks are within the facility building and within a containment dike that is of sufficient storage capacity to contain any release.
4.   Is all storage to be inside the structure?   As noted above, all of the tanks are within the facility building. 
5.   What are the tanks outside used for, have they been emptied and cleaned?   The exterior tanks are not in use, have been cleaned, and there valves have been locked or welded shut. 
6.   Are there any floor drains in the building?   There are no floor drains in the building. 
        If yes, where do the go?  n/a 
7.   Are there any oil water separators in use?   There are no oil/water separators at the property. 
8.   Hours of intended operation   Hours of operation are expected to be Monday through Friday, approximately 7:30AM to 5:00PM. 
9.   Are the employees trained in handling chemicals, spills and first aid etc?   All Cyn field employees have a minimum of OSHA 40-Hour training.  Of Note, Cyn's primary business operation is as an Oil and Hazardous Material clean-up contractor (please find attached qualifications package). 
10. Can you provide a brief summary of the operation and who is in charge?   The operation would include the delivery of virgin products to the facility during normal business hours.  Cyn's "day trucks" would be filled from the tanks and leave to make routine deliveries.  The trucks would be parked at the facility at the end of the day as is currently done. 
11. Has the previous operation completely ceased working out of the building and ere the tanks cleaned?   Cyn purchased the property from Bean's Grease.  The Bean's Grease operation (manufacturing of biodiesel fuel) ceased with Cyn's purchase.  Following its purchase, Cyn emptied and cleaned all exterior and interior tanks (all tanks are currently empty).  Since Cyn's purchase, the facility has been used primarily for office space and vehicle parking.   
12. Have you contacted Eric Rowe the Fire Chief and discussed any of the materials that you plan on handling with him?   Cyn has not contacted the Fire Chief but will.  Cyn will provide additional information following that conversation. 
        (FYI- Eric Rowe @   441-1066)

13. Are any DEP or DOT permits required and have they been approved and in your possession?   To Cyn's knowledge, DEP or DOT permits are not required to store virgin materials. 

3. Other Business

4. Set date next meeting Feb 05,2013 @ 7:00 p.m.

4. Adjourn Voted 4/0 yes