Minutes of January 03, 2011
Vassalboro Planning Board


Ginny Brackett, Chair X
Sally Butler X
Doug Phillips X
Paul Mitnik X
George Gould absent
Leon Cummings absent

Chair opened meeting @ 7:00 PM
There was no one in audience at that time
Agenda Items:

1. No scheduled Site Reviews on Agenda

2. Nick Jose
Mr. Jose came in to discuss the Site Review Application for a proposed business in the Mill complex. He is interested in setting up another paint ball business inside a lower level space in the rear area of building.
The committee asked that he continue to fill the Major site review application due to the 9600 SF he is planning to use.
He will be coming back in February (8th)
The Chairman suggested that he also will need to involve the Fire Marshal’s Office because of the size of his space.
Doug mentioned the issue of a potential problem in the future if the owner fills the available space and it needs to be addressed by the owner at some point.
It was a general belief that each business must come in for site review and perhaps the owner could use the Jose Application as a template to expedite the situation
Doug also had a concern regarding access being blocked by a business in the building situated next door to this complex. Code will review the access at some point. The business owner at that location has stated he is leaving Vassalboro and relocating elsewhere.

3 Review of subdivision Ordinance

Paul has begun detailing issues in the current Ordinance that he feels needs to be reviewed and possibly changes should be made to.
All agreed that a review is needed and sections will be addressed at upcoming meetings as an agenda item.
Some of the observations are the definition section needs updating and placement at the end of the Ordinance.

Under Site Review there is a lot of redundant procedures that could be scaled back and possibly we could go from the current review process to more of a sketch plan review then go to a full review after the details of what well be needed for the Preliminary and or Final Plan submission.

Open Space -A discussion on the possibility of adopting the Maine State Model for Open Space was conducted it will be brought up at the next meeting.

A general discussion on the need to review the Road Ordinance and all other Ordinances was also conducted.

Mobile Home Parks- Paul discussed where the Town may improve the Language of our Road Standards to include Mobile Home Parks
See MRSA 30-A 4358

Liquidation of Harvest
Time frame between cutting and reuse of land there is a waiting period between cutting and reuse of the land
It was determined that Committee will review the first 4 sections in Subdivision Ordinance at next meeting

Next meeting to be February 08, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

Adjourn 9:15 PM