Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of February 7, 2012

Ginny Brackett, Chair___________
Sally Butler ___________
Maryanne Hubert ___________
Doug Phillips ___________
George Gould ___________
Leon Cummings ___________


Minutes of previous meeting ---hold
Old Business
Leo Barnett
Meadow Road
Addition of 4 lots to subdivision

1. MDOT has signed off on the issue with the pavement on Route 201 which was a condition of the court settlement-(Dave Allen)

Leon Cummings is questioning the overlaying of pavement at the Meadow Rd and Rt. 201 still has issue with the way it was done. He believes it should be cut back and redone.

The issue of whether the road has actually been re-aligned was discussed
Recommendation that the surveyor James Moore reinspect and send letter to board to resolve the issue whether road has been realigned as required by court.

Letter from surveyor or engineer that Centerline of road is as drawn is in the center of the 50’R.O.W.
Width of road base 20’ plus 2 ft shoulders as required and do the ditching that is required.
Doug asked if this was agreeable to Mr.Barnett, he responded yes
Leon –Ditching and shoulders do not meet plan as originally submitted by Barnett
Ginny- Discussed the possibility of Escrow of Performance Guarantee

Leo is to contact Gene Field Town road foreman prior to any work being preformed so he can evaluate it as it get done.
Barnett to give 24 hrs notice.
Doug-Table application until items are resolved.
Voted 5-0



2. East Vassalboro Water Company

Don Robbins and Susan Breau -Kelly representing EVWC

A discussion was held on how to properly get the changes requested by the EVWC onto the warrant for next Town Meeting
Code to research and get back to board and Mr. Robbins

(it has been determined best course of action is to have Planning Board hold Public Hearing in April and pass along to selectmen for consideration
EVWC to bear all advertising, printing and time for all changes to existing codes to be accomplished.

3. Code officer discussed budget recommends we add $5300 to Planning Board line.
Breakdown is $5000 to hire consultant on Ordinance changes and upgrades (subdivision as priority) and $300. For education to allow PB members to attend workshops.

4. Motion to adjourn 9:00 all infavor.