7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present:
X Ginny Bracket, Chair X Doug Phillips X Sally Butler
X Betsy Poulin X John Phillips X Marianne Stevens, Alternate
_ Richard Dolby, CEO

Public: Robert & Carla Dyason; James & Rachel Kilbride

1.) Call meeting to order.

2.) Approval of previous minutes (Jan)

3.) Applicant #1 Robert & Carla Dyason
Shoreland Zoning Application for expansion
72 Branstrom Rd.
Map 14 Lot 48
Review of application submission
Abutters list
Abutters notification; green cards
Review of application
Review of site plan
Voting record, attached
Application was approved as submitted with two (2) conditions
1. Increase in size limited to 92 sq. ft.
2. Maximum roof height shall not exceed twenty-four (24) feet.

4.) Applicant #2 James & Rachel Kilbride
St. Bridget Center
864 Main St.
Map 22 Lot 50
Review of application submission as an assembly occupancy with minor use as retail; occasional use as potential farmers market and yard sales
Abutters list
Abutters notification; green cards
Review of application
Review of site plan
A request to light the existing sign was approved,
The existing light covering the parking area shall be shielded to prevent lighting trespass.
Voting record, attached

5.) Review of the Building Permit Ordinance
Discussion regarding setbacks; present 10’ setback from property lines was requested to be increased to 20’ by Doug Philips, this was discussed and was recommended to be included in the ordinance.

Discussion to increase the present 25’ setback along right of ways to 50’ was suggested by Doug Philips. The exemption for “Village Areas” presented a more challenging dilemma. There are no exact limits defining the term “Village Areas”, it was decided that such a definition would need to include a map of the properties to be included. The Board agreed the concept of a map of the villages might be a bit controversial. The increase with the village exemption was not mutually accepted and was withdrawn.

The Draft Ordinances will be presented to the Board of Selectmen with a request for a joint meeting at their convenience.

6.) Motion to adjourn 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Richard Dolby, CEO, LPI, BI