Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of February 6, 2007

Planning Board: Virginia Bracket, George Gould, Sally Butler, Doug Phillips
CEO: Paul Mitnik,
Public: Michael Letourneau, Michael Dyer, Theresa Dyer, Terry O Rourke, Christian O Rourke, Josh Dyer, Lois Dyer, Raymond Dyer, Jim Heckman, Curt Ferland, Jane B Wells, Mary Grow

The meeting opened at 7:00.

Review of January Minutes: George motioned to accept the minutes as presented. Sally seconded. All in favor.

Michael Dyer Tax Map 4, Lot 27B
Major Site Review
Paint Ball Business

Michael Dyer of 2759 Riverside Drive is proposing a Paint Ball business in a lot adjacent to his residence on the north end of Vassalboro just south of Sherwood Drive. Paul presented the driveway entrance permits that are necessary for this proposal that Mike received after the Board packets were mailed. The beginning of the hearing on this proposal involved determining whether or not it is a major or minor site development as defined in Vassalboro’s Town Ordinance. Doug asked CEO, Paul, to explain this issue. Paul replied that the proposal is a minor development if the playing fields are not included as developed area, but a major development if the playing field is included as developed area.

Vassalboro’s Site Review Ordinance defines minor development as projects involving the addition or construction of fewer than 5000 square feet of gross developed area, and major developments as projects involving the addition or construction of equal to or more than 5000 square feet of gross developed area are. The total developed area of the building, parking area, driveway, and walkways for this proposal is 4400 square feet and the playing field adds an additional 22,500 square feet.

Mike first gave a little background information on this proposal. The building will be 30 by 30 feet and will include a restaurant and shop with public restrooms on the first floor and a residence on the second floor. There will be netting and poles around the playing field to contain the paint balls. In addition there will be a 5 foot free zone outside the netting. George inquired how high the netting will be and Mike replied 12 feet. Mike explained that the playing field was considered part of the landscaping which was not included as developed area in the application proposal.

Virginia asked if topsoil will be taken off the playing field and replaced with sand. Mike confirmed that this was his intentions. The sand will be compacted. If the playing field is not sand, it typically turns into a mud pit. Virginia asked if the air filled bunkers were moveable. Mike replied they were. Mike’s son, Josh, noted that inflatable bunkers are considered safer than wooden bunkers.

Doug noted that he was inclined to consider the playing fields as developed area and to treat the project as a major development. However the performance standards for minor developments were less complex and appeared to be more applicable to this proposal.

Virginia agreed that she was inclined to include the playing fields as developed area and review this as a major development. She stated the importance of treating all projects the same and setting precedence for future projects. Virginia noted that many of the more detailed requirements for major developments as compared to minor developments are probably not applicable for this proposal and it is likely that the performance standards for a major development have already been addressed in the material submitted by Mike.

Virginia began the process of checking the site plan and application material for completeness. It was agreed by all Board members present that the application was complete except for the lack of a contour map. Since it was noted that the site had little slope, Virginia asked if a motion could be made to accept the application as complete with the requirement to submit the contour map after the fact. George made the first move to accept the application as complete with the requirement to submit the contour map. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.

George asked if the entrance permit required the addition of a turning lane on Route 201. Mike replied no. This is only necessary if more than 50 trips per day are expected at the business and he does not expect that many trips.

Virginia than lead the Planning Board through the Performance Standards requirements of Vassalboro’s Site Review Ordinance for major developments.

1.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.
2.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Sally. All in favor.
3.Doug made a notion to approve. Seconded by George. All in favor.
4.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.
5.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Sally. All in favor.
6.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.
7.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.
8.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Sally. All in favor.
9.George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.
10.Doug inquired about noise levels from the paint guns. The Dyer family replied that the noise was not loud, perhaps similar to a BB gun. George made a notion to approve. Seconded by Doug. All in favor.

Virginia stated that she believed they were ready to vote on the approval of the whole application. George made a motion to approve the whole application with the condition of submitting the contour map. Seconded by Sally. All in favor.

Michael Letourneau, K&K Land Surveyors
Map 2, Lot 21
Major Subdivision (4 Lots)
Sketch Plan

A four lot subdivision is being proposed off Route 201 directly across from the Holman Day Road subdivision approved at January’s Board meeting. Since a new road will provide access to all four lots, Vassalboro’s Subdivision Ordinance requires that this be reviewed as a major subdivision. There is 3.22 acres of land that will be divided into four lots. The front lots adjacent to Route 201 will each be 0.56 acres and the back lots 1.05 acres.

Mike explained that Eric James is the owner of the land, the same person who owns the Holman Day Road subdivision across Route 201. Two preliminary test pits have been done for the subsurface disposal systems and more pits are planned. Mike explained that a new entrance location to Route 201 was applied for which is north of the original plan. The old site would have required about 15 feet of fill near Route 201. He said that a verbal approval was received from DOT and they expect to have the actual entrance permit soon.

Virginia noted that the back lots are very steep and may be difficult to build on. Mike explained that building on the back lots will be restricted to in front of the stone wall where the land is not as steep.

Virginia asked how big the section was that you could build on in the back lots. Mike replied the length of the buildable section of these lots is 147 feet from the proposed road to the stone wall.

Virginia noted that there is about 22000 square feet to build on. Paul was asked about the minimum lot size requirements and he replied that state law required 20,000 square feet as the minimum lot size. Paul stated that the plumbing code does not allow subsurface disposal systems on more than 20% slope and that you could also run into problems with containment of the side slopes of the disposal field to remain on the property boundaries.

Virginia inquired about possible permits that could be needed by DEP. Paul replied that if one acre of soil is disturbed they could need a General Permit Construction Activity Permit from DEP and recommended contacting DEP on this issue.

Doug asked about the turnarounds of the proposed road being adequate. It was noted that the Town Manager, Fire Chief and Road Commissioner would all have to approve the road and it would have to be built to town standards irregardless whether it was a town or private road.

Doug noted that the slope of the land and locating the subsurface wastewater disposal systems were the major issues to be addressed in the subdivision application.

On a different issue, Doug brought up the topic of the current effort of the Planning Board to update Vassalboro’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. November of this year was suggested as a goal for having something that is final and the Town can vote on. Paul indicated that he could contribute some suggestions upon where the current ordinance was vague and where additions could be useful to help interpret the Ordinance. Virginia suggested to come up with a list of the additions.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20.