Vassalboro Planning Board
Minutes of:
February 05, 2013

Ginny Brackett ________Chair, _X
Sally Butler ________ _X
Marianne Hubert_______ vacation
Doug Phillips ________ _X
George Gould ________ _X

Chair called meeting to order @ 7:00p.m.

1. Minutes of January 2013-approved as presented.
2. Old Business: Cyn Environmental from Jan 2013 meeting
Cyn Environmental is seeking permission to store and distribute Antifreeze and windshield washer solvent from their location on Rt. 201.
Committee went through the site review criteria and voted in favor of each item.

After discussion the Planning Board voted 4-0 in favor of application with the following conditions:
a. Letter from Fire Chief to Town regarding no significant issues with project and that fire dept will have access in case of Hazmat problem.
b. Exterior tanks will not be used for any products what so ever unless re-application to Planning Board
c. Exterior light shining on neighbor will be changed to redirect light(wall washer)
d. Code to discuss project with MDEP to make sure no licenses are pending or not applied for.

3. James Ruby
Site Review
Application Tabled.
Mr. Ruby wants to open a inspection and repair facility at his garage on 145 Hannaford Hill Road.

After a review the committee would like to see Mr. Ruby submit a drawing to 1” to 50’ showing the detail as described in the applications.

Mr. Ruby will come to the March 05, 2013 with the detail

4. Rginald Bizier
Site Plan Amendment
Riva Ridge Subdivision
Mr. Bizier was represented by Gregory R. Carey a Licensed surveyor.
Request was to reduce the size of the second lot of Bizier that will meet all of the mandated setbacks and is larger than minimum lot size for Vassalboro.

Board reviewed the materials and approved the changes to the Riva Ridge Subdivision on a vote of 4-0

Mr. Carey presented the appropriate Mylar and paper copies of the subdivision revision and he will have it recorded in the registry of deeds in Augusta.

4. Other: Brief discussion of RFP for professional; services to Planning Board on Subdivision upgrade.
Noted that 1 proposal has been received and deadline is Friday February 15th 2013

5. Other Business-none
6. Scheduled next meeting for March 05, 2013
7. Meeting adjourned
8. 8:15p.m.