FEBRUARY 4, 2020
7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Ginny Bracket, Chair, Doug Phillips, Sally Butler, John Phillips, Betsy Poulin,
Marianne Stevens, Alternate
Staff: Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI, BI, AO
Public: Nicole Harbaugh, CMP; Deborah Turcotte, CMP; Bill Gossin, CMP; Gary Emond, Power Engineering; Mary Grow Town Line Reporter
Call meeting to order.

1.) January 7, 2020 Minutes
The Minutes were approved by motion of Doug Phillips, seconded by Sally Butler 5-0.

2.) A. Applicant Name: Central Maine Power Company
Project Type: Shoreland Zoning
Location Power Line Replacement
Augusta East Side Substation to McCoy Substation

Planning Board Review

Open discussion of proposal

• CMP proposes to replace lines and poles on a 12 mile segment. The original line was installed in 1929. The lines are old and in need of attention.
• The poles will be replaced one for one and will be slightly taller than the existing poles.
• Planning Board review is tripped due to more than 10 poles being replaced in the Resource Protection Zone.
• 41 poles will be removed from wetlands
• Access to poles will mainly be from the existing right of way. In some cases access will be from private driveways with written permission from the landowner.
• CMP will be following environmental guidelines for construction and maintenance materials on transmission lines and substation projects.
• Matting will be utilized in sensitive areas such as wetlands. Silt fence will be utilized in areas where soil is disturbed.
• CMP has applied from permitting required by DEP and the Army Corp of Engineers. They fall under an exemption from DEP Natural Resource Protection Act.
• Construction will not start until the project is approved by the Public Utilities Commission, most likely summer or early fall of this year.

The project was approved by Motion of Doug Phillips, seconded by John Phillips 5-0.

3.) CEO Report

Paul introduced a new application for Shoreland Zoning projects which is more complete from the current application. The Board recommended some minor changes; adding an email address and a typo change in section 9. The Board accepted the changes.
Paul indicated that there may be an application for a mobile home park on 352 Bog Rd near the Vassalboro school and an application for an expansion of a commercial building that services fire engines located at 1500 Riverside Drive (Highlander LLC)
Adjourn 7:50 PM

Respectfully submitted
Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI, BI, AO