February 3, 2015

Present: Ginny Bracket (Chair), Betsy Poulin, Sally Butler,
Doug Phillips, Marianne Hubert, Don Robbins (Alternate- Note Alternate did not vote at this meeting), Robert Folsom Sr. (CEO/LPI), & Selectman Lauchlin Titus. [All in favor includes Chair & four regular Planning Board Members.]

Absent: (All Present)

1. The Vassalboro Planning Board Meeting started at 7:00 PM.

2. Doug Phillips made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 6, 2015 Vassalboro Planning Board Meeting. A second was made by Betsy Poulin. Vote: All in favor.

3. Michael Witham of 36 Taylor Road, Winslow, ME 04901 presented his proposal to replace a home and garage at Map #6 Lot #19.

Discussion followed. A deck was proposed that was closer to the Pond. The applicant pointed out that he was removing a garage that was even closer to the Pond than the proposed deck. It was recommended by the by the Board that the applicant plant a buffer across the shore frontage a minimum of 15 feet wide using plants, bushes, etc. It was also suggested to use high bush blueberries with openings to access the Pond. The applicant agreed to buffer the shore frontage as per the recommendations.

Doug Phillips made the motion to approve the application. A second was made by Marianne Hubert. Vote: All in favor.

4. Robert T. Folsom, Sr. (Vassalboro CEO/LPI) explained the MUBEC Codes and mentioned that more time is needed to do the required inspections and occupancy certificates.

5. Building Permit Fees were discussed. It was decided that more information on Building
Permit Fees was needed.

6. Doug Phillips made a motion to adjourn. A second was made by Marianne Hubert. Vote: All in favor. Ginny Brackett adjourned the meeting at 9:15 PM.

Submitted by:
Robert T. Folsom, Sr.
CEO/LPI Town of Vassalboro